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Who Wants To Be A Braxton?

Season 3, Episode 24

Trina, Traci, and Towanda go on a game show and try to win a million dollars. Evelyn is arrested for carrying a taser. Tamar does a meet & greet at a radio station. Toni talks to a biographer about bankruptcies and her biggest regret. Show Full Recap

  Tamar shares an intimate moment with her fans while on tour. She bonds with them while revealing how hard she's worked for all her current professional success. As for her personal life, she emphatically declares that she doesn't want any more children and tells the crowd that she's passionately in love with her husband, Vince.   Evelyn reluctantly pleads guilty to charges of disorderly conduct for carrying a weapon on the plane. She maintains she carried the weapon to protect herself from a stalker, and fears that she won't be safe from him until she's dead. Now that Evelyn is on probation for a year, she'll go to jail if she has any run-ins with the law during that time. She promises to continue to protect herself, the legal way.   Towanda celebrated her 40th birthday with a series of revealing pictures. Though her sisters and mother find some of the photos tasteful, they aren't fond of a few pictures of Towanda in a thong. When Towanda assures them that the pictures are for her eyes only, her family members breath a sigh of relief.   Trina struggles with letting go of her 18 year-old son, Eric, as he prepares to go to college. She sheds a few tears while packing up his room and her sister, Towanda, thinks she's being too dramatic. Trina feels her sisters can't relate to her feelings as she's the first one to send her child away to college. Once their kids turn 18 and leave for school, Trina predicts they'll be crying just like she is.   Toni is still working on her autobiography, and battling with the idea of opening up about her bankruptcy. She admits that her spending played a role in her financial woes, but believes most of the blame falls on outside parties. While answering questions from her co-author, Toni reveals that her biggest regret was participating in the "Braxton Family Values" show but she did it to give her sisters a launching pad for their careers.   Towanda, Traci and Trina are picked to appear on the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" game show. The three decide on a charity to donate their winnings to---Saving Our Daughters---but they can't seem to agree on anything else. One sister has to sit in the audience and they argue about who it should be even while the show is taping. During the show, they answer a question incorrectly and later, play the blame game about whose fault it is. Ultimately, they decide that although they won less money than they hoped for, the real winners are the girls who will benefit from their donation to Saving Our Daughters.

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