Sneak Peek

Dares & Distractions

Season 4, Episode 6

Sisters get surprise visits from brother Michael and Trina’s husband Gabe. Tensions rise as the girls struggle to make progress on their album. A pajama party gets out of control; Tamar and Trina have a blowup. Show Full Recap

The sisters are in LA to work on the Braxton album, however, progress is extremely slow. Mama Evelyn invites their brother Michael to help, but drama erupts when Tamar accuses Toni of not wanting to sing with them. Gabe shows up as a surprise houseguest, putting the roommates on edge. The girls make pot brownies to calm their nerves, but Evelyn shows up and creates more chaos. The sisters throw a pajama party, and a drinking game of crazy dares turns into a wild blowout between Tamar and Trina!

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