Sneak Peek

Jamaican Me Crazy

Season 4, Episode 3
Aired 8.28.14

After all the drama, Evelyn insists the sisters go to Jamaica to have some fun. Toni performs; the girls parasail and party. But at the end of the trip, they’re still unsure about the fate of the family album. Show Full Recap

After all the drama, Evelyn insists the sisters join Toni while she’s performing in Jamaica, and spend time together just having some fun. Tamar reluctantly agrees, and brings Vince and Logan with her. Trina performs her single at Toni’s concert, but the girls panic when Traci’s late for the show. The sisters have fun parasailing and hanging out, and even indulge in a little “puff-puff-pass”. However, they fight over details of the family album and have serious doubts about getting it done.   

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