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Taste For Chocolate…

Season 4, Episode 15
Aired 6.18.15

Sisters come to LA as Toni gets ready for the Grammy Awards. Trina goes on her first date since filing for divorce. Tamar wants to reconnect with her sisters but it backfires when her Atlanta concert comes up. Show Full Recap

Trina goes on her first date since filing for divorce. Sisters help Toni get ready for the Grammys, and Toni tricks them into getting into a sub-zero machine for weight loss. The girls are concerned as they notice Traci drinking more than usual. Tamar feels distant from her sisters and wants to meet with them to repair their relationships. But Tamar and Trina get into an explosive argument when Tamar’s Atlanta concert comes up! Toni wins her 7th Grammy, but Tamar is missing from the celebration.  

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