About Ayanna

Bride’s Name & Age:  Ayanna, 26
Bride’s Occupation: Childcare Provider/ Stay At home mom
Groom’s Name & Age: David,  24 
Groom’s Occupation: Nuclear Engineer

How long have your been dreaming of your wedding day and what was/is your Dream Wedding? I have been dreaming of my wedding since the age of 9. I use to tell my parents that I wanted a Cinderella wedding, with a white carriage and white doves; but I didn’t want to get married or have a husband. Well a bit of that has changed, ha ha. My dream wedding would be an elegant and romantic affair. With candle light to set the ambiance and a great emphasis on the music and food.

Approx. Wedding Budget? $12,000

Who’s Paying for Wedding? My fiancé and my parents

Who’s in Charge of Budget? Me and the wedding coordinator

What happens if you go over budget? Whoops! I guess that is a problem that we will have to deal with when (I mean IF) it occurs. My fiance will probably not be able to do much because he is so in love with me and truly wants all my dreams to come true!

Did you hire a wedding planner?  How are they doing?
Yes. She is little less punctual than myself at meeting my deadlines and is not doing things as I would. But she assures me that I am over reacting and everything will be fine. WE WILL SEE ABOUT THAT!  IT BETTER!

Describe your dream wedding dress? I would look good in anything because my beauty reflects any dress! My dress is champagne (because I am anything but ordinary and I don’t want a plain white dress) It is Mermaid style with rueching  thruough the waist and hips. It comes off the shoulders and has a lace and pearl overlay at the bust.

Who chose the rings?  What’s the story behind the rings? My husband chose the first engagement ring, but it must have been cheap or something b/c it broke my finger out. We both went to the store to pick out the present ring and I love it! I picked out his band which he didn’t want at first because it was too much money; but I told him that he had to get the one with the bling to match my rings. I wasn’t going to except no for an answer.  I couldn’t have him with a plain boring band holding  my hand with my beautiful ring. That would ruin my wedding pictures and would make me not want to look at them.

How long have you been planning wedding?
3 years

How helpful has the groom been (or not) in the planning process? My groom has not done anything but pick out his tux and make sure that I'm not spending money by not giving me any!!!

Are you trying to lose weight before the wedding?  How are you going about that? No, I am actually trying to gain weight. I try to increase my caloric intake, eat more snacks, and drink boost. My goal is to gain 10 points; but I would be happy with 5.

Tell us about your future In-Laws. How do you get along with them?  How does the groom get along with your parents? My parents and David have a great relationship. His father on the otherhand has a decent relationship. I mean we don’t hate each other but we tolerate each other despite our differences in opinions/view points…

Have you or your groom been married before? This is the first wedding for the both of us and we have two children together. They will be the ringbearer and the flowergirl.

Who are your most/least favorite celebrity brides? My favorite celebrity bride would have to be Jada Pinkett, my least favorite bride would be the last bridezilla (the one from New York that hated poor people.)

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong on your wedding day? After all of this planning nothing goes as planned and I don’t look or feel as I dreamed  I would on my wedding day.

What’s been your biggest stress since you started planning the wedding?
Getting everybody to do what they are supposed to do when I want them to do it. Bridesmaids are not ordering/paying for their dresses by deadline  in order to have their dresses in time. Groomsmen are unreliable in everything! The wedding planner is not doing what she says she  would do when she says she would do it!!! I'M OVER IT ALREADY!!!!!!

How do you typically handle stressful situations in regards to your wedding?
I have been holding in; but I have also been venting to others (fiancé, mother, and bridesmaids) about the people that are causing me stress and getting on my nerves. When things build up I blow up out of the blue if the person /situation continues to get on my nerves…

Define the type a bride you will be?
I am the type of bride that likes to control how things get done. This is why I like to get things done myself b/c I know how I want them done and I don’t have to worry about someone else messing things up. I am demanding because when things do not get done the way I want them to, I am very aggressive in expressing my disapproval. I demand for my wedding to be the wedding I have invisioned it and if the people involved are not on the same page as me then they need to get it together or get out!!!!! I'm sure that the week of the wedding I will be emotional because things will have built up and I will display an array of emotions from yelling to anxiety and from crying to joy. I am very unpredictable.

What’s the story of how you got engaged? Three years ago I came home from class and my now fiance was writing a poem which is not unusual because he writes music. He asked me to listen to his newest song and he read the poem to me and in the end he asked me to marry him and pulled the ring out of his pocket. We both were crying and of course I said yes.

What do you love the most about your husband-to-be? He balances me out. He's logical and intelligent. He's hardworking and would do anything to take care of me and our family. He can put up with my attitude and craziness. Besides that, he is extremely good looking!!! Which I wouldn’t have it any other way because I couldn’t simply match up with an ugly person. I'm not trying to be shallow but I can't be with someone just because of there inside attributes, they must be physically appealing to me as well!

What does he love about you?
My ability to make lemons out of lemonade. My energy and love for people. I treat him like the king he is and make him feel like he is my world! Plus who wouldn’t fall in love with my beautiful smile and seductive eyes!!! AND BEAUTY IS MY NAME!!!

What’s your biggest pet peeve about your husband to be? He is cheap and squeezes out every penny that he has to give me because I am a stay at home mom. He makes me bring receipts back to make sure I spent the money as I said I did. He also  is a procrastinator and takes his time doing everyinthing!!! When I want something done I need it done in a timely manner and he doesn’t seem to get that concept, so he drags his feet and takes forever to get it done. So I just try to avoid asking him to do things so he doesn’t get me mad. Especially if he is on the phone he CANNOT do anything else and it drives me crazy!!!!! I am an expert at multi-tasking and I try to teach him the trade… he is a work in progress!

When you disagree, what is it usually about, and how do you handle it? Money!!! I usually just give up and don’t even argue about it because it is a battle that I will not win. He is not gonna change how he veiws financial matters. But give me a couple more years  and I can soften his wallet up!

What disagreements have come up about the wedding? Besides the budget not much because he wants me to have my dream and he wants our day to go on without making me have to stab anyone in the jugular. He just wants me to be financially conscience and not get caught up in my fairytales because we have to live after the wedding is over…

Has the engagement/wedding ever been called off, or in jeopardy?  If so, what happened and how did it get resolved? We have been engaged for 3 going on 4 years. The  first time the wedding was called off David got cold feet and wasn’t sure if he was ready to get married so we postponed it for a year. The second time I got in an accident and we were having some financial hardships so we postponed it a second time. This is the third and final strike and we are getting married whether we are in or out of the poor house!!!!

In what ways have you shown Bridezilla behavior during the wedding planning? I don’t think that I am any more high maintenance, controlling, or demanding than any other bride who desereves the best on her special day and I will do and say anything to anybody to get that across. I want things to go the way I plan or the person/persons responsible for ruining my plans will pay and if I can't pin it on one person than everyone will pay!!! I take cash, checks, and money orders for the compensation of emotional distress. I have been very demanding – a dictorial to my bridesmaids and planner.

Who tends to bring out the Bridezilla behavior in you?  Why? My bridesmaids usually see the most of my bridezilla ways because they are not behaving as maids and doing as they are told. My planner also sees  my briedzilla ways when she insists on giving her advice when I don’t ask and not doing what I pay her to do.

When things aren’t going your way in regards to the details of how you want your wedding, how do you handle it? I obsess, vent and complain to whomever will listen until eventually I get what I want. I haven’t had to scream too bad because the people who know me the best know that what I say, I mean and I say whatever comes to my mind without sensoring so they are afraid of what I might say if it gets out of hand.