About Dekeydra

Diva bride, Dekeydra doesn’t understand the word “no.” Instead, she hears “Okay, Dekeydra, I’ll get right on that”. Despite the fact that her Stepmother is paying for the wedding, this is Dekeydra’s world and we are all living in it. She doesn’t believe in sugar-coating or apologies, she wants what she wants and she’s going to get it, even if it means mowing down family and friends who stand in her way. Her BFF Angelina bears the brunt of it, as she is one of the few who is willing to stand up to Dekeydra’s entitled attitude. However, she nearly loses her place in the wedding, not to mention her place as Dekeydra’s bestie. Angelina tries to be the bigger person, but Dekeydra does everything in her power to drive her friend over the edge. Will Dekeydra still have a best friend when all is said and done? Will her fiancé stick around through the madness and wait for her at the altar?