About Jenny

Bride’s Name & Age:  Jenny, 30
Bride’s Occupation:  Investigator
Groom’s Name & Age: Jereme, 31
Groom’s Occupation: Repo Man

How long have your been dreaming of your wedding day and what was/is your Dream Wedding? I have more so been dreaming of my perfect husband as long as I can remember. When I was 13, I started reading wedding magazines and wishing I was the beautiful bride marrying the wonderful man. I finally found him. My dream wedding has been about marrying the man of my dreams.

Approx. Wedding Budget? $14,500

Who’s Paying for Wedding? Jereme and I

Who’s in Charge of Budget? Jereme and I

What happens if you go over budget? I will have to ask my parents for help!

Did you hire a wedding planner? Yes, Annette Nelson is planning the wedding. She is in charge of the site, food, the cake, contacting the florist, photographer, dj, and the lady marrying us.

Describe your dream wedding dress? I love corsets. I think they are absolutely beautiful. And I LOVE big, poofy, princess dresses. The bigger the better!

Who chose the rings?  What’s the story behind the rings? Jereme has always liked round diamonds. I think they are outdated, and I have always loved Pricess Cut diamonds. I found one I liked, but he absolutely hated it. He told me if that is what I wanted, go ahead and get it. But I couldn’t wear a ring I know he despised. So, we went online and he said, “What about this one”. I fell in love right then and there. It was the most beautiful Princess Cut ring (set) I have ever seen. And he picked it out. So, we bought it. But wearing just the engagement ring wasn’t enough for me. So, I started wearing the whole set. But then, I wanted to add to it before we even got married. I found two identical rings to place on either side of my set, and he ended up getting them for me for Christmas. So my ring is 5 separate pieces. We both saw his ring and loved it. But, because I don’t want him to appear single, he wears his already too!

# of Guests attending? It was supposed to be 50 but people are having a hard time affording the trip!

How long have you been planning wedding? Since the second we got engaged in March! One month after actually meeting each other.

How helpful has the groom been (or not) in the planning process? He had no knowledge of how weddings work, or what to do. So I have had to take charge and plan everything. He does anything I ask him to do, but when it comes to making ultimate decisions, I have to rely on myself.

Are you trying to lose weight before the wedding? Yes, Yes, Yes!! I need to tone up. My goal is to lose around 15 pounds. I have placed myself on a strict diet which is incredibly hard to follow because I love food. And I go to the gym pretty much every day. I am doing an hour of cardio each day, plus weights and ab work outs. I need to look perfect by March!!!

Tell us about your future In-Laws. How do you get along with them? Jereme has never actually met his father. His mother, Brenda, has always been very nice to me. I mean, I did up and steal her son and I am the reason he left Tennessee and moved to California! She does have reason to be angry with me, but she has always treated me with respect. Jereme gets along well with my parents, but he is often quiet And they mistake that for being rude sometimes..

Tell us about your family. How have they been involved in the planning process? Because this is my second wedding, I don’t think my dad is very excited. But he is trying. He and mom are divorced. Both of them have endlessly questioned why we are getting married all the way in Mississippi . My mom has a hard time understanding that is what I want to do, but both of them have been supportive, as parents should be. My mom came with me to look at dresses, and was there when I decided which one I wanted. But I can see it in her eyes that she is not as excited as she was when I wore my first one. And it makes me sad.

Who are your most/least favorite celebrity brides? I think my favorite bride was Christina Aguilera. She had an amazing fairy tale wedding. Didn’t Pam Anderson have a wedding for her dogs?? I would have to say that is my least favorite celebrity bride!

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong on your wedding day? So many things could go wrong! What if I don’t love the way I look in my dress? What if the MAC girls mess up my make-up?? What if my hair goes flat?? My weather in Mississippi is unpredictable, especially in March. It could very likely rain that day! Then we would have to move everything inside and I do NOT want an indoor wedding!

What’s been your biggest stress since you started planning the wedding? Money!!!! I don’t have enough. Neither do my bridesmaids. Also, my bridesmaids live so far away that it’s hard to enlist their help because they’re never around.

How do you typically handle stressful situations in regards to your wedding? I freak out until my fiancé calms me down and makes me realize why we’re getting married in the first place.

Define the type a bride you will be? I am controlling. I am this way because it is my wedding day and I want it to be exactly how I picture it. People need to listen to what I have to say, and take me seriously. No is not an option. For example. I want my dress a certain way, and the seamstress is not giving me the examples I need. I am not an artsy person. That is her job. I have freaked out on her before because she is not giving me what I need.

What’s the story of how you got engaged? I am an investigator for a company that repossesses cars. We contract out to repo companies all over the country. Those companies employ their drivers (repo  men). Jereme was a repo man in Tennessee who just happened to get one of my accounts over 4 years ago. We started talking and couldn’t stop. We became so close after 4 years that we felt we were already in love. We sent endless text messages, most of which I have kept, watched each other on the webcam, and talked for hours upon hours each day. I told Melissa one day last February that I needed to meet this man because I feel as if I am already in love. We booked a flight to Memphis on Valentine’s day weekend last year. The second I met him in person, I knew it was right. We had the most amazing weekend together, and he moved out to California three days later. He proposed, un-formally, in a text message which was quite fitting. Since that is how our relationship grew from the beginning. But he proposed formally on one knee with my ring when we were having a picnic on my lunch break.

What do you love the most about your husband-to-be? He is everything I  have always dreamed of in a man. He is hilarious, handsome,  and we have so much in common. We can finish each other’s sentences and I am so fascinated with the things he does and says, that I hate being away from him for even 5 minutes.

What does he love about you? He feels that I saved him. He was in trouble a lot back in Memphis . He felt his life was heading towards the wrong direction, and I took him away from all the bad influences. He has been in love with me from the second he heard my voice on the phone, or so he says!

What’s your biggest pet peeve about your husband to be? He doesn’t understand consequences of actions.

When you disagree, what is it usually about, and how do you handle it? I usually get annoyed with him because I will ask him to do something, and it takes him a while for him to actually get it done. Sometimes, he waits too long, and then it’s not possible to do anymore.

What disagreements have come up about the wedding? He has been pretty good about giving me what I want. If there is anything he disagrees with, I whine and eventually get my way.

Has the engagement/wedding ever been called off, or in jeopardy?  If so, what happened and how did it get resolved? We fought about money and whether or not we would have enough. We have both made threats, but then, as always, I am the voice of reason. I tell him to not sweat the small stuff.. Our love and our life together is more important than money or anything else.

In what ways have you shown Bridezilla behavior during the wedding planning? I have freaked out on my bridesmaids. They have complained about money, and I told them from the beginning that they would have to be able to afford to fly out to Mississippi. Plus the hotel, bridesmaid dresses (which we still haven’t purchased), etc. They should not have accepted my invitation if they couldn’t afford it. Also, I need their help and they are usually not around.

When things aren’t going your way in regards to the details of how you want your wedding, how do you handle it? I get very irritated and tend to say things I end up regretting.