About Kendall

Bride’s Name & Age: Kendall, 22
Bride’s Occupation: Cell Saver (I work in the Operating Room during surgery)
Groom’s Name & Age: Mitchell, 23
Groom’s Occupation: HVAC Tech

How long have you been dreaming of your wedding day and what was/is your Dream Wedding? I have always been the girl that said “I’m never getting married” because it was too much fun to just hang out and not be tied down. Until I got serious with Mitch, and all we talked about was getting married and having kids which I was always the one, again saying “kids aren’t for me." But I’ve always wanted a beach wedding in the Caribbean with our friends and family but the way times are now my wedding here in Chester will suite me just fine =)

Approx. Wedding Budget? No more than $10,000

Who’s paying for wedding? My Mother Karen and Stepdad Rickie Raikes (he’s been my dad ever since I was 2)

Who’s in charge of budget? My Mom

What happens if you go over budget?  Well right now I haven’t, we're just playing things by ear

Describe your dream wedding dress? My dress is my dream.. never thought about it until trying dresses on one day when I got off work early and went by myself. Tiffany’s was having their yearly sale and my sister in-law called and told me about it. I put on a dress and WOW!

Who chose the rings?  What’s the story behind the rings? Mitch chose my engagement ring all by himself. He knew I liked antique and he liked solitaire SO my ring definitely is a little bit of both of those, and his ring was his great great grandfather's.

# of Guests attending: 125 invited

How long have you been planning wedding?
Since June of 2009

How helpful has the groom been (or not) in the planning process? Mitch doesn’t like to be involved because when I do ask for his opinion I don’t always like the answer. So if I don’t go with his suggestion he just says, “If u don’t like my answers STOP asking for my help."

Are you trying to lose weight before the wedding? NO I’m trying to maintain my weight because my dress fits PERFECTLY!

Tell us about your future In-Laws. How do you get along with them? My mother and father in-law are AWSOME; we get along great. They can get a little annoyed sometimes with us living with them but we just do what’s asked of us and everything is fine.

Tell us about your family. How have they been involved in the planning process? Well they have and they haven’t. I just tell my mom how much something is and she gives me the money if it’s a reasonable amount. With her working 2 jobs she comes to things when she can otherwise my mother in-law or friends step in and go with me to places.

Have you or your groom been married before?  Any children? No, both our first wedding.  We have a 6 month old son who will NOT be in the wedding because he won’t be big enough, but he’ll be on the front row with his grandparents.

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong on your wedding day? Uninvited people showing up

What’s been your biggest stress since you started planning the wedding? Other than my few bridesmaids that are never around when I need them…just trying to do things now that I’m a mom.

How do you typically handle stressful situations in regards to your wedding? Well, I take it out on Mitch… going off on him is a usual, or crying is another one that I’m good at.

Define the type a bride you will be. Controlling/Demanding I'd have to say is me. I want things done MY way and a certain way. I have a small vision but it’s definitely very blurry and it might not come into clear until that day and when it does it’s got to get done that way that moment! My girls have a little bit of freedom on their hair but I want their makeup done the way I want it! And I want them there with me all day.

When you and your fiance disagree, what is it usually about, and how do you handle it?
Ummm, we ALWAYS disagree on my attitude. He thinks I have a bad attitude.

Has the engagement/wedding ever been called off, or in jeopardy? No

Who tends to bring out the Bridezilla behavior in you?  Why? Mitch because he’s always asking why, why, when, why. Why do I have to plan things on Sunday when that’s football day, when and what time will it start and be done.