About Krystal

Bride’s Name & Age: Krystal, 26
Bride’s Occupation: Graduate student.
Groom’s Name & Age: Scott, 30
Groom’s Occupation: Multimedia Journalist

Honeymoon: Cruise to Mexico and Belize

How long have your been dreaming of your wedding day? What was/is your Dream Wedding?

I think every girl dreams of their wedding from a very young age, however, I knew that I didn’t want a princess ball gown with the formal with a formal wedding. I always wanted something different – more of a party and less of a formality. No church, not completely family oriented, and more about the husband and the wife.

Approx. Wedding Budget
: $5,000 would be nice, but we are shooting more toward $10,000

Who’s Paying for Wedding? It’s all me!

Who’s in Charge of Budget? Me again…

What happens if you go over budget? Well, put simply, we just won’t go over budget. There is not any room to do so. I’ve tried very hard to pay everyone up front and early on so I know just how much I need. If there is an occurrence where we are going to owe someone more money for something, we just will cut something else we don’t need…

Did you hire a wedding planner?  How are they doing?:I did. She has access to great wedding décor items that I can rent that will save me money in the long run. I also needed someone to set up the venue the day of.

Describe your dream wedding dress: My dream dress is something that isn’t poufy, flowy, or expensive. I tried to like expensive gowns, really I did, but something about all that fabric made my skin crawl. I really like tight clothing, I will even admit to wearing more low-cut shirts than I should, so trying on formal gowns was tough. I wanted something trendy, something form fitting, something beautiful.

Who chose the rings? His father chose my rings since he’s a jeweler.

# of Guests attending: Approximately 75.

# in Wedding Party (Bridesmaids, Flower Girl. Groomsmen, ring bearer, etc.) There are five bridesmaids and five groomsmen. We are not having any kids at the wedding!!

How long have you been planning wedding? Just 6 months

How helpful has the groom been (or not) in the planning process? He was very UNHELPFUL in the beginning. I’m by nature a planner, and he is not. He thought we had all this time to get everything done, but he didn’t realize what a big task planning a wedding can be. He also did not realize how expensive things are. I am such a thrifty person – I’m always trying to get the best deals – but even my “low cost” vendors were still too expensive for him! It was like I couldn’t win! We fought A LOT in the beginning of our engagement – which was a first for us. Our relationship prior to being engaged was pretty smooth – little to no fights! In fact, at one point in the beginning of our engagement, he said he didn’t want to talk about the wedding AT ALL for several months. This made me secretly plan everything until he was ready to hear about it.

How has your family been involved in the planning process?

My mom sure has tried, but she is unable to really contribute financially. And, I can be kind of a brat since I like to have control over the situation. There are many things our mothers could do to assist, but at this current time, I don’t have any tasks for them to do. Sure, it would have been nice to tour venues together, try on dresses, taste the catering… but they lucked out and I Did it all myself. Looking back, it would have been nice if they had offered to help in some way. 

Have you or your groom been married before?  Any children?
He has been engaged before and had another wedding already planned – which is why this one is so hard. He keeps saying how CHEAP his last wedding was going to be and how it was PRIVATE and etc. etc. We have fought about this a lot. He wanted a PRIVATE beach wedding and then to go to a bar afterward for a reception. He is crazy. I would never get married without my friends and family there to see it. I mean, a wedding isn’t just for the bride and groom…. It’s for our parents who have waited for this day our entire lives. And, sure, I like a good time and want to throw a great party… but we are not having a reception in a dive bar to save some cash. I’d rather take out a loan and have a somewhat decent fiesta.
Thank god there are no children and in fact, we didn’t even invite kids to the wedding! Hooray!
Who are your most/least favorite celebrity brides and why?

Kate Middleton is going to ruin the year of 2011 for ALL brides! How can anyone compare to a royal wedding!?
Chelsea Clinton, that lucky bitch, had a GREAT wedding with a fantastic dress. She had a live band, a beautiful outside wedding, it was gorgeous.
Nicole Richie also had a lovely wedding – she had THREE Dresses to wear that day! Three! I have two… but they are definitely not as expensive as hers 😉 I also liked how she had some weird stuff – like an elephant – at her reception. It showed off her and Joel’s unique personalities.
Britney Spears, bless her poor trashy heart, had fried chicken at her reception. I like that even as a celebrity she’s ok with slumming it! Since I’m serving BBQ, it was nice to remember her unfortunate wedding to Kevin Federline.

Least Favorite? Hmm. That’s tough. Princess Diana because that was nothing special! Okay, I can’t believe I just said that. That was a classic romantic and traditional wedding… but really… everyone STILL talks about it!

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong on your wedding day? The one thing that is on my mind is clothing. I know this sounds silly … but … I am terrified the groom and his groomsmen won’t wear the right stuff. I hand selected their shirts and ties… and it looks like I’m going to have to buy their shoes since they’re too lazy to even do so. I’m also worried that people won’t dress up and end up showing up in jeans and t-shirts. I would be quite pissed. I put on our wedding website the attire is BEACH FORMAL, because it sounds confusing and hopefully his friends will be like “Huh?!” and think it means to really dress up. Even though not everyone is attending the ceremony and they are just coming to the reception, I still think it’s an occasion to DRESS UP and to show respect to the bride and her family by being classy.

I’m also splurging on good photography, so it would be SUCH a shame if his mother or our guests looked trashy the day of our wedding. I’d like some formal pictures…. And I would be devastated if his groomsmen ruin that.

Scott also doesn’t want to wear SHOES at the ceremony… sure… that’s fine and all… but I told him for all the pictures EVERYONE better have shoes on. I don’t want gross hobbit men feet in my pictures.

What’s been your biggest stress since you started planning the wedding? Money and the Groom. He just doesn’t understand or like where all my money is going. I haven’t gone shopping since we were engaged! I’m using all my extra income to put toward vendors and wedding related expenses…. I don’t think he UNDERSTANDS that. Now that we are getting closer

How do you typically handle stressful situations in regards to your wedding? I can be rude. I definitely vent to my friends and mother…I think that’s why my mom might have such disgust for certain people right now. Since I tell her everything… she is judging everyone! I tend to get over things quickly after I “explode,” but then another issue pops up. I think the biggest thing I do is just gossip and talk about the bridesmaids behind their backs – but in my defense – they deserve it! Some are helpful, some are non-existent, some have good days, some have bad ones. I know my wedding is not the number one priority in their lives right now, but they could at least have the common courtesy to help out. They are getting better now that it’s JANUARY and they realize we are about 6 weeks away.

Define the type a bride you will be: A sarcastic overly organized bride who needs a few cocktails before being laid back. I think that my pre-planning will be done so well (hopefully!) that when the big day comes… all I need to do is relax. However, like I said, there are many ways things can go wrong on the big day. It definitely gives me anxiety to think this. I can be a crier, but I’m hoping to be a tough girl on the big day. Crying doesn’t get me anywhere but being firm and telling everyone what the problems are (even if I come off as rude) will at least get me the self-satisfaction from telling them off.

Of your friends, who is the straightest shooter – who always tells you the truth, no matter how bad it may be? Give example:
You know what, NO ONE. They can be fake… but it’s okay. I love them all the same, but I do know when they’re lying to me! I’ve known this long, I know I don’t look “great in the dress” or that “no, you’re not fat!” haha I wish they were a little more honest. Jamie, a bridesmaid, is pretty brutally honest about everyone though. If I had a concern, I know she would tell me straight up. My other close friend, Kris, can be honest… but I don’t know. I think he holds back ultimately. I’m definitely going to try my wedding dress on for Jamie before the big day so she can see it and be HONEST about how it looks on me.

Tell us any dilemmas or stressful moments regarding the below details of the wedding. What happened? How was it resolved?

Cake: So far, no problems. His mom is in charge of the cake for us and we are setting up a dessert table so there’s no major drama with that. I’m going to purchase a table full of goodies and get everything ready. Though, since his mom hasn’t come through on anything yet, I can only imagine that the cake that she is responsible for, the “good” cake, will come out bad or not right. Unfortunately, I probably won’t see it until the day of.

Location: Scott picked the beach location and I picked the venue. The price was right, but I’m not sure why Scott is so hung up on the specific part of the beach that he wants. He acts like it has special meaning with me and him, but to be honest, we have only been there a few times. We have been to other beaches way more.

Date: I wanted March 19th because it was our three year anniversary of dating, but the venue was already booked. Booo! We kind of had no choice but to do the 19th of February. Unfortunately for Scott, this is right around when his job gets pretty busy with sports stuff (spring training), so he will be busy before and after the wedding. After the honeymoon, I can see us not being able to spend that much time together until after spring training…so it’s very important that I get as much time WITH him before and during the wedding!

Dress: I’m working on it. I have a wedding dress and a reception dancing dress… but the wedding dress isn’t perfect yet. I need to buy the right undergarments to make it perfect…or else I’m going to be scrambling to buy a new dress the week of the wedding! Ack! It’s a lot to think of right now and it does stress me out. I am not a fan of any of the bridal shops in the area… when we went to David’s Bridal for my consultation… I checked in with the employee, browsed for a minute, and when she called my name I ran out of the store! That place is terrible! You could find a much better (and classier!) evening gown at a department store… a dress with more of a personality! It’s ridiculous what they charge for a CHEAP dress. You can pay less than their prices and the best evening gown in a department store!

Budget: CONSTANT STRUGGLE. In the beginning it was very hard. I placed deposits on things I wanted that were at good prices… but paying the remaining balances does freak me out a little. I should be able to cover all our costs, but it is hard knowing there is no “back up plan.” If I can’t do it, then we will simply go without. I am grateful that all my vendors have worked with me about costs and payment plans, but I do hope to be able to tip them generously and reward them for their hard work. It is just a little bit of an annoyance knowing that I have to pay for our rehearsal dinner (since they never even offered!) and other things that aren’t my responsibility.

Flowers: I am doing everything I can to avoid this cost. We are making brooch bouquets and doing big puffs of carnations everywhere. My planner is in charge of this aspect.

The Groom: As I mentioned, Scott wanted to get married on the beach in front of his parents and no one else. He didn’t want to invite anyone to the ceremony which posed a HUGE problem. In order to compromise, we invited 25 people to the ceremony and then everyone else to the reception. Again, not my favorite idea… but what was I supposed to do!? He is still unhappy that we will have guests at the ceremony, but I can’t get married without my bridesmaids and family there. He grudgingly picked groomsmen, but I know he would much rather just married alone. Either way, at least this has been figured out, and I hope my guests understand that we are having a “small semi-private ceremony” and a big reception afterward.

Wedding Party: You know that girl that you’ve been friends with since elementary school? The one that you always daydreamed about being each other’s Maid of Honor’s whenever the other married? Yea… definitely DO NOT ask that girl to be in your wedding. Ever since I was engaged, my Maid of Honor Maxine has been non-existent. She’s upset about not receiving a plus 1 (anyone not seriously dating anyone did not get one due to budget constraints). She’s upset at my guest list (I am inviting someone she does not like). She has not been helpful in ANY way. She has not DONE ANYTHING to help the wedding. I could write a novel on her lack of interest. She showed up late to the engagement party when she was supposed to be there thirty minutes early to decorate… Well… good work. Everyone was already there and she just embarrassingly pulled out these terrible decorations for our venue. What a waste. She also was the FIRST person to leave the party since she had to attend another party (a going away party for a DISTANT friend). She wanted to bring another girlfriend, her “other best friend,” to the wedding but I said no. She wanted to stay in her own separate hotel room to get ready for the wedding…why? I’m paying big money for a stylist to come to a HUGE bridal suite the day of the wedding to get everyone ready… why does she need her space? Anyway, I have certainly learned my lesson. I can’t wait to never speak to her again after the wedding. I know this sounds really harsh, but she has just made me so upset. I have just seen what I really mean to her as a friend…and that I don’t mean anything.

What’s the story of how you got engaged?
I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t sure when. On Cinco de Mayo last year, he said “well, what if I had already bought you the ring?” It was assumed it would be soon, but I wasn’t sure when. We went on a trip to Islamorada in the Florida Keys. We stayed a week at an awesome hotel and had a great time. Each day we did a different adventure (deep sea fishing, beach, shopping, snorkeling, drinking…haha). On the last day, before dinner, I opened the fridge and wanted to polish off the remaining bottles of champagne (Can’t let those go flat!). I said that we should “celebrate our last night of vacation” and when I turned around he had taken out the ring! He asked if I “wanted to be a badfish too” (since his favorite song is Badfish by Sublime and that’s I guess some sort of life motto or something to him). I said “Are you serious?” I didn’t cry and I put the ring on. Now, I had just gotten out of the shower … so I’m like can I put clothes on now! I have to blow dry my hair! So, I called my girlfriend Ashley and blew dried my hair. We headed to dinner, I put it on Facebook, and that was that. It was a surreal experience. I had figured that since it hadn’t happened yet on the last night of vacation, that it wasn’t happening this time around. Boy, was I surprised!

What do you love the most about your husband-to-be?
He’s a good time. He’s a respectful man but he’s also goofy with a crude sense of humor. We like to drink together, we like to go to concerts together, and we like to do random adventures! From traveling, fishing, beach bar hopping, touring wineries… we just like to explore Florida and live life every day to its fullest. He is also very focused with his career which is something to be admired.

What does he love about you?
I would like to say he likes my laid back attitude, he can take me anywhere! I have my high maintenance moments, but overall, I’m a pretty chill kind of girlfriend. I can be silly but I am also focused with school and work. He has made cute comments to me about how he knows I’ll be a good mom one day… I can tell that he loves me for many reasons.

 What’s your biggest pet peeve about your husband to be?
This is so dumb but I HATE that he writes checks to pay the bills! By the time he sits down to write the check, mail it off, and it is processed… our cable is turned off and our water is on the final notice! I don’t get why he can’t just pay online or over the phone for faster processing!
On a more serious note, I guess Scott is just SO laid back that it can be tough to plan things – like a wedding! He can be a procrastinator which makes this process kind of difficult. He also likes to support locally owned businesses (Which is great!), but when planning a wedding, local owned businesses are not giving us the better deal. For example, I had to talk him into using a cheaper wine because the Clearwater based winery was going to cost DOUBLE what it would cost to just go to the liquor and purchase some nice more nationally known brands. These aren’t huge deals, but I guess Scott is very concerned with local shopping and supporting Florida based brands.      

When you disagree, what is it usually about, and how do you handle it? Usually it’s about money and usually we fight it out! Before we were engaged it was not bad. We used to fight over his work schedule, because he worked weekends… leaving us little to no time to get together. When we moved in together, it was amazing. I now knew I could see him every day – even if it was at 2 a.m and he was just getting home. Now that we are engaged, I Think our issues are mostly money related and wedding related. He doesn’t want to wear these shoes, or this outfit, or listen to this music from the DJ… it’s certainly challenging.

What disagreements have come up about the wedding? Ceremony – He wanted it private, but there was NO WAY that was going to happen. We compromised, but it’s still not “my way” and he is still unhappy.Music – He hates anything Top 40 or Hip Hop. He thinks none of his friends will dance to “Wedding music.” He keeps saying he is going to throw a beer bottle at the DJs head… not cool. Not cool. A wedding is SUPPOSED to have the cheesy dumb songs, it’s supposed to be a PARTY. We are not going to sit around and listen to rock music all night. Granted, I am NICE and I am adding some types of music that he enjoys, but the main idea of a wedding is to celebrate. My friends and I would like to celebrate with good music and dancing the night away. Scott doesn’t understand that. He also wants one of his friends bands to play. Unfortunately, they don’t have the proper equipment to do so and I’ve ALREADY paid for the DJ. So, if we have this band play… they have to play last at like 11 pm… and I mean I obviously DON’T want the band there. However, if I can have my DJ from like 8 to 11 playing good party music I won’t mind so much. I just have a lot of issues with some local band playing the wedding… no one will know the songs… it’s not a cover band. I will do it for Scott but only if I get the DJ too.

Has the engagement/wedding ever been called off, or in jeopardy?  If so, what happened and how did it get resolved?
I don’t want to say it was ever been in jeopardy, but there have been times that it’s gotten hard. If we can’t a PARTY how can we plan the rest of our lives? Luckily Scott came around and we are doing better. We begin our premarital counseling this weekend, and I hope that all of our issues are sorted out. 

In what ways have you shown Bridezilla behavior during the wedding planning?  My mom would tell you I’ve been a little controlling. She said that I’m a ticking time bomb and you guys probably noticed it. I guess I’m demanding, gossipy, and I certainly have the attitude that everything should be my way. However, in my defense, “my way” is the best way! I am sure a lot of people say that their way is “right,” but mine really is. I’m throwing an awesome party with great music, great booze, and lovely people. That’s what matters…so why am I fighting with his mom over dollar store candles and what the groomsmen wear?! It’s very frustrating. I feel that people should be a bit more helpful… this is the bride’s day after all… it would not hurt for our friends and family to come together…to work together… and just DRESS up for one day! To help out in some way just for ONE day! Why is that concept foreign to people?

I think what bothers me the most is their igornance on the whole thing. Me and Scott are the oldest in our family… we are the first of our friends and family to get married… so it is as if no one knows what to do or how to behave. Do you think his parents know that their “responsibility” was to throw a rehearsal dinner? Do you think my Maid of Honors knew to plan the bridal shower or bachelorette party? Absolutely not. Without some pushing on my part, they wouldn’t have known and these things wouldn’t have been done. Scott relied on his groomsmen to plan his bachelor party… and so far… nothing has been done. How disappointed will he be when he sees that the people he chose to stand beside him on one of the biggest days of his life were not that reliable in the long run? It really just breaks my heart!

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