About Liza

Bride’s Name & Age:  Liza, 37
Bride’s Occupation:  Cosmetologist, Singer, College Senior, Spanish Interpreter
Groom’s Name & Age: Jason, 35
Groom’s Occupation: Ride Technician at University Studios in Orlando

How long have your been dreaming of your wedding day? I’ve always had the dream to get married in a princesstype dress, with all my friends and family there, to have all the beautiful pictures taken of us, and the best music. I’ve never had an actual wedding before, even though I was married to the father of my children.  He promised me a wedding, but that never ended up happening, and that is why I am so headstrong for this wedding to come out perfect.

What is the approx. wedding budget? $10,000

Who’s paying for the wedding? Mostly Bride & Groom

What happens if you go over budget? If I go over budget, then I’m screwed because most costs have to be paid before the wedding.  I would have to beg my family to help me, and I really don’t have anyone that I can really count on for that, so I would probably have to figure out what to cut from the wedding.

Did you hire a wedding planner?  How are they doing? I do have a wedding planner, but she is not coordinating anything for the wedding in Orlando.  The cruise planner lady I’m disappointed with, but again, she has nothing to do with the Orlando wedding, only the Cozumel one.  As far as the wedding here in Orlando, I’ve planned everything with some help from my bridesmaids and MOHs.

How helpful has the groom been (or not) in the planning process? The groom has been helpful with a few little things, but most of the planning has relied heavily on me because he gets frustrated very easily, and I don’t feel he can get things done as well as I can do it myself. Other than some details that he really wanted, like choosing his sandals, he has let me do my thing, and that’s how I like it!  I’m glad he lets me do the planning because otherwise we probably would’ve fought a whole lot more.

Tell us about your family. How have they been involved in the planning process? My mom and I have a love/hate relationship. She helped me with some of the money for my dress.  She also helped reserve the hotel at a discounted rate for the bachelorette party, and she went, after I insisted, to one bridal show, other than that she has not really been too involved in much of anything because she is too busy with her own life, and she probably feels that at my age, I should just elope. My dad has no money to help me.  I have had to purchase what he is wearing to the Cozumel wedding, give his deposit for the cruise, and I might even have to pay for his airline ticket.  He will not be at the Orlando wedding because he lives in PR, and I cannot afford to pay for his airline ticket for him to come. I love my father, but unfortunately, I cannot count on him for anything in regards to economics. He is probably one of the few people that can make me very emotional very easily. My sister Jessica has been to a show with me and has become more involved as the time is getting closer.  She has two special needs children, and is very busy, like me, with school and all, but then again, when you accept to be someone’s maid of honor, it is your responsibility to be there, and I have had to push her but she’s finally picking up the pace. My brother Hector is a Pitbull look-alike. He lives in Las Vegas and because of this he will not be able to make it for the wedding in Orlando.  He has not been involved in my wedding much because of the distance.  What’s funny is that he has been engaged for almost 4 years, and I’m gonna end up getting married before him. Lol

Have you or your groom been married before?  Any children? If so, what role will the kids play on the wedding day? Jason has been married once, no children, but he considers my two boys his, and coincidently they even share his last name of Garcia.  I was married to my boys' father 12 years ago, but only through the Justice of the Peace.  My youngest son Jonathan is the ring bearer, and my oldest, Elijah, will carry the train of my dress.

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong on your wedding day? That there is not enough food and drink for all the guests, or that Jason doesn’t remember our medley dance, or that I look really fat, or that the hair and make up sucks. But most importantly, the music – I need good music!!! I’m a singer and music is my life!! I mean, so many things could go wrong. I hope not though.

What disagreements have come up about the wedding?   His attire for the wedding.  Having him help me pay for some of the things, getting him to be more proactive.  We don’t fight a lot because we keep Liza happy, remember?  Jason had a wedding and I did not, and in the first wedding, the bride’s dad paid for everything.  So the time we have argued has been when the wedding was getting very expensive and he asked me why did we have to have decorations… and I told him he needed to let me know now if he was all in or what?  But after I threatened to cancel everything, he realized that he wants this wedding as much as I do.

Has the engagement/wedding ever been called off, or in jeopardy?  If so, what happened and how did it get resolved?   There was only one time where Jason dwindled about spending so much money on a wedding, because he already had one, and we also both really want to get a house, but he knew from day one how much it meant to me to have this wedding. When he saw that I was serious about canceling the wedding, he stopped me and that’s when I believe he realized that he really wants this wedding as much as I do, because on the first wedding he was not as included as I have included him and his persona in the wedding.

Define the type a bride you will be:  I’m a control freak, maybe emotional at times, very few people make me yell, but the ones that can push my buttons are definitely listed above. When I’m happy I’m laid back.