About Mia

Bride’s Name & Age: Mia, 30
Bride’s Occupation: Student/Office Support
Groom’s Name & Age: Alfred, 30
Groom’s Occupation: Banker

Honeymoon date and location: Undecided

How long have your been dreaming of your wedding day and what was/is your Dream Wedding: I had been dreaming of my wedding since I was 4 or 5. I would take my Barbie and Ken dolls and make them march down the aisle and kiss. I dreamed of a Steel Magnolias/Little Mermaid type of wedding. My love would magically open his eyes/ears to me and fall in love. Everyone in the world/ocean would attend. My wedding would be the social event of the year. My family would add the humor like in Steel Magnolias.

Approx. Wedding Budget: $18,000

Who’s Paying for the Wedding? Alfred and Mia 

Who’s in Charge of Budget? Mia

What happens if you go over budget? We will have to live with my mother for a couple of months (which is not an option). My car payments may not get paid and we may have to think of an alternative to my daughters schooling

Did you hire a wedding planner?  How are they doing? No, My sister- in- law is assisting us.

Describe your dream wedding dress: My dream wedding dress would be a sequins ball gown. It would have a long, tight torso to make me look extra skinny and lean. It would flare just at the hips into a tulle skirt. Or I would love a dress like the one Carrie Bradshaw wore.

Who chose the rings?  What’s the story behind the rings? Alfred chose the rings. He searched for a set for me. His ring was his deceased fathers. He does not know that I am trying to purchase a new ring for him. My ring is white gold. His father’s ring is yellow gold. I want our rings to match.

How long have you been planning the wedding?
Since August 2009

How helpful has the groom been (or not) in the planning process? He did come to look for bridesmaid dresses and their shoes. But he mostly has nothing to say.

Are you trying to lose weight before the wedding?  How are you going about that?  What’s your goal? Yes, My dad said there shall be no fat bride. I am on Slim Fast. I stay hungry and gassy. I sneak and eat my daughters snacks on the way home from work.

Tell us about your future In-Laws. How do you get along with them?  How does the groom get along with your parents?
His mother and I are getting there. Alfred and my dad are cool. He thinks my dad is fun. He likes my mother also. Loves her cooking. He does wishes she would relax sometimes. She can talk, especially during movies.

Tell us about your family. How have they been involved in the planning process?
Everyone is doing their own thing we are still trying to recover from the lost of my grandmother. She was the head of our family. We had not had a death in our family since my great-grandmother in 1982. My grandmother’s birthday is October 29, 1926.

Have you or your groom been married before?  Any children? If so, what role will the kids play on the wedding day?
We have never been married. Alfred does have a 11 yrs old daughter and we have a 2yrs old daughter together

Who are your most/least favorite celebrity brides?
Most- Carrie Bradshaw. Least – Mariah Carey’s first marriage was way too over the top and her dress was not youthful.

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong on your wedding day? People will not show, because it is on a Sunday during Football season. Or extra people show up that were not invited.

What’s been your biggest stress since you started planning the wedding? Trying to stay as close to our budget as possible and getting Alfred motivated about the wedding.

How do you typically handle stressful situations in regards to your wedding? I sneak and eat/cry or I slightly elevate my voice to my mother/ Alfred.

Define the type a bride you will be: Controlling, Neurotic, Demanding, Emotional or Laid Back? I try not to be controlling, emotional, demanding or neurotic.

What’s the story of how you got engaged? It was really unexpected. I was just about to break up with him because he spent $8 at McDonald’s. We were saving for a home (really tight budget). He kept begging to go to P F Changs. My mom convinced me to go. When we got there I was giving him throwing eye daggers because he invited his mother, stepfather and cousin. We did not have money to pay for them. After dinner, the manager brought out all the desserts and the fortune cookies. When I opened the cookie, fortune banner said “will you marry me” and a ring came out. By that time, Alfred was already on one knee asking the question. I cried and said YES!

What do you love the most about your husband-to-be? His height

What does he love about you? Everything

What’s your biggest pet peeve about your husband to be? He does not respond quickly to situations

When you disagree, what is it usually about, and how do you handle it?
Money. I take his credit cards and give him an allowance for two weeks

What disagreements have come up about the wedding? The bridemaids had a slight disagreement about the wedding dresses. Alfred and I fight about money. My mother and I fight over details of the wedding. She went to the venue and MADE the people go over bit by bit the agreement. My mom made the store hold my dress until she was ready to make a decision about my dress that I am paying for. NONE OF THE MEN HAVE TRIED ON/ PURCHASEd THEIR SUITES.

Has the engagement/wedding ever been called off, or in jeopardy?  If so, what happened and how did it get resolved?
Yes,  because Alfred feels I do not show him any affection.

In what ways have you shown Bridezilla behavior during the wedding planning?
I did not like the first dresses the maid and matron chose. I bought their dresses from them and sold them to my event coordinators. I have secretly changed the bridal party dresses they ordered from David’s bridal 3 times. I have bridesmaid that are maidzillas. They have quit over dresses and letters.

Who tends to bring out the Bridezilla behavior in you?  Why?
Anyone that has anything to do with the wedding. No one is listening to what I am saying.

When things aren’t going your way in regards to the details of how you want your wedding, how do you handle it?
I cry or slightly voice myself to my mother and Alfred