About Michelle

Bride’s Name & Age: Michelle, 23
Bride’s Occupation: Stay at home mom
Groom’s Name & Age: Gilbert, 25
Groom’s Occupation: Av tech

Honeymoon date and location: None

How long have your been dreaming of your wedding day and what was/is your Dream Wedding: Since I was like 18 I knew what I wanted it to be like and it was perfect.

Who’s Paying for the Wedding? Us and family

What happens if you go over budget? I wont be very happy

How long have you been planning wedding? 6 months

How helpful has the groom been (or not) in the planning process? He has been out of town so that says alot. I get frustrated with him because he just says "I don't know." When he does that I want to strangle him!

Are you trying to lose weight before the wedding?  How are you going about that?  What’s your goal? Heck yes and five more pounds. I purchased a DVD – ball series- and am taking all kinds of vitamins and drinking green tea and small portions to lose the weight.

Tell us about your future In-Laws. How do you get along with them?  How does the groom get along with your parents? They are great we all get along great, its my mother thats the issue.

Tell us about your family. How have they been involved in the planning process? They haven't been much help, let's leave it at that.

Have you or your groom been married before?  Any children? If so, what role will the kids play on the wedding day?  Both have been divorced, I have two children from my past marriage and one with Gilbert. Madison will be the flower girl.

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong on your wedding day? There is so much that can go wrong. My family doesn't know how to filter their words.

What’s been your biggest stress since you started planning the wedding? MY FAMILY

How do you typically handle stressful situations in regards to your wedding? UMMM I TEND TO YELL AND THROW THINGS 

Define the type a bride you will be: Controlling, Neurotic, Demanding, Emotional or Laid Back? Demanding  

Of your friends, who is the straightest shooter – who always tells you the truth, no matter how bad it may be? Kimberly and Faliesha  

What’s the story of how you got engaged?  Nothing special, just came across in a talk.

What do you love the most about your husband-to-be? The way he is with the kids

What does he love about you? Not a clue

What’s your biggest pet peeve about your husband to be? Him biting his dang knuckles

Has the engagement/wedding ever been called off, or in jeopardy?  If so, what happened and how did it get resolved? Yes, because Gil decided to be stupid with one of my ex-bridesmaids. 

Who tends to bring out the Bridezilla behavior in you?  Why? My ex-bridesmaid Cassie and my mother 

When things aren’t going your way in regards to the details of how you want your wedding, how do you handle it?  Depends. I yell, cry, slam things.