About Minyon

Bride’s Name, Age & Occupation: Minyon, 31, Dental Assistant

Groom’s Name, Age & Occupation: Foster, 35, College Professor, Real Estate Agent, Entrepreneur 

How long have you’re been dreaming of your wedding day and what was/is your Dream Wedding: I can remember when I was a little girl; I had this dream of being married to somewhere that looked like Heaven. I remember there being a lot of white, everywhere. My daddy would be there to give me away. And there would be someone famous to sing as I walk down the aisle. There would also be a horse and carriage waiting on us to take us off to Paris for our honeymoon. Then we would live in a big house down the street from Oprah. That was my childhood dream……Now that I’m an adult, the dream is a bit different, but I would like the fairy tale wedding. Hopefully, my family can pull it off. If not, we will have a problem. 

Who’s paying for your wedding? Minyon, Foster, and Charlotte (brides mother)

What happens if you go over budget? I don’t know, I’ll have to ask my dad, who’s in prison, to ask his brother ( the $$$ rich one) to help out. He’s a sucker for tears.

Did you hire a wedding planner? How are they doing?
I have had three planners, and the reason for that is because planner #1 was not keeping in contact with me. She told me that she wouldn’t let me down. I didn’t believe her. So I called someone else to do it. Planner #2 and #3 are really good friends of mine. It was easy to get a yes from them when I asked them to plan it. Planner #2 asked me to speak with planner #1 to make sure she could or could not plan. So a few days later I called her and she apologized for not calling and keeping in contact with me. She now knows how important this day is and she also knows that there are a total the 3 planners now. So there is no excuse for anything to go wrong on my day.

How helpful has the groom been (or not) in the planning process?
Foster has been no help at all. I give him small jobs like writing down his guest list. He wrote down six people. I had to ask him every day to give me at least 50 people. He says he has no friends, but that’s a lie. Foster is well-known and people love him. He has over 2,000 Facebook friends. After a few weeks I got his list of just 50 people. I also asked him to give me his groomsman list, I just got that two weeks ago. Wish me luck.

Tell us about your family. How have they been involved in the planning process?
My mom thinks this is her wedding. She wants to make all decision regarding the flowers, my dress, the venue, the guest list, the cake, the DJ, who’s going to clean up and who’s going to cook and serve the food. Speaking of food, she fired my chief who is my aunt. All my aunt asked was if she could buy some chicken stock to boil the rice in. My mom refuses to do that, she wanted her to boil the chicken and cut up some onions and celery. They got into a huge argument and a few minutes later my mom calls me telling me to find another chef. No way! I was hot as fire. So of course, I had to jump in and fix the problem. My aunt will cook the food; she just wants my mom to stay away from her. Now, I mention the dress. Well, not my dress. Her dress is the problem. She thinks since I’m changing at the wedding, she needs to change too. We’ve been fighting about this for months. I asked her if I could see want she was wearing to approve it; she told me that she didn’t need me to approve what she is wearing because "SHE IS FASHION."  She is not going to take any attention away from me on my day. It is not going down like that. So next we go to Publix to shop for the cake. She pretty much forgets that I’m there and blocks me from looking and speaking to the cake decorator. When she finally chooses what she likes and ask for my opinion, I just simply said I didn’t like it and I will choose what cake I want her to buy. She got upset and stormed out the store. I don’t know if Publix can do the type of cake I want. Now she is buying and ordering things without letting me know. Although it’s nice, I feel left out because she’s not talking to me or letting me know what she’s getting. She wants to have control over everything and everybody but little does she know, I’m the only Queen B for this wedding. She’s going to have to pump her breaks.
Dad: My dad has very little input, due to his situation. He really wants Foster and I to wait three more years so he can give me away. But that’s not going to happen. 
Sister(s): Felnicia lives with my mom so she’s there when decisions are being made without me. As far as I know, she has put in a lot of ideals that I don’t like. Plus, she tries to play the fence between me and my mom.

Have you or your groom been married before? Any children? If so, what role will the kids play on the wedding day? Foster has been married twice and has one daughter from his first marriage. She does not know about the wedding yet for fear that her jealous mother will not let her attend. She’s 10 and she will be a Jr. Bridesmaid in the wedding. We will let her know a few days before the wedding. I have never been married. I have two boys ages 2 and 8. The 8 year old will be a Jr. Groomsman and the baby will be my ring barrier. They are all excited about the wedding.

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong on your wedding day?
The worst thing that could go wrong is if it rains. My wedding will take place outside in a garden and the view is beautiful. Rain would just mess it all up. The second worst thing would be my mom and her sisters getting into a fight.

Define the type a bride you will be and please give us examples: I believe I’m a demanding Bride. I want what I want and nobody will stop me. I need people to be on the same page as me. They should already know what I want before I say or ask for it.

What disagreements have come up about the wedding?  Foster did not want a big wedding. He wanted it to be just the two of us. We go off somewhere get married and when we got back we would tell everyone. I was not okay with that plan. I know he hates being around a lot of people, but I felt like this is my very first wedding and I want to do it big. He’s been married twice before and that’s not my fault. I want my family apart of it. So he went on ahead and let me plan my dream wedding.

Foster also hates the fact that I talk about the wedding 24/7. At first he banned me from talking about the wedding on Sundays at all. After my mom got involved with the wedding she started calling me at 6:00am to talk about the wedding. Now Foster has banned phone calls from my mother until after 8:00am. My mother was angry about that and it gave her one more thing not to like about Foster.

Has the engagement/wedding ever been called off, or in jeopardy? If so, what happened and how did it get resolved? Yes, I gave him my ring back so many times. One time he put it in the fish tank and it stayed there for a week. Foster called the wedding off to keep me from talking about it so much. Then I put in in the garbage and got scared cause I couldn’t find it. Another time I threw it at him in the street. All because we both were stressed out with life and we just got tired of each other. He was not working at times and bills where pilling up. The cars started giving us trouble. And plenty of times I felt he would tune me out so I thought he was seeing someone else. We both thought that one of us was cheating. He would check my phone, I would check his phone. He is Microsoft Certified so he would hack my Facebook/ Email account looking for stuff. When he would leave his computer on and I would check his history. We did things to one another that caused us to not trust and it took a while for me to forgive him. I made a promise to never take my ring off again unless I was serious about leaving.