About Ruby

Bride’s Name & Age: Ruby, 25
Bride’s Occupation: Registered Nurse
Groom’s Name & Age: Christopher, 26
Groom’s Occupation: Warehouse manager, part-time student

Honeymoon location: Cancun, MeXico

How long have your been dreaming of your wedding day?  What was/is your Dream Wedding: Since I was about 18 and began falling in love with my first boyfriend did I ever think of having a wedding. I envisioned my wedding to be romantic and special, where I was so beautiful and looked innocent and sexy in my wedding dress. I don’t want to be the princess bride, I want to be the sexy bride. I never had a quinceanera so for sure I wanted my dream wedding to be grand! I love, love being the center of attention, and knowing that on my wedding day I will be the focus is a feeling I cannot wait for. Since I was very little I knew I was not shy like the other girls, I am loud and proud. I want to be dancing, and looking beautiful with my queen-esque gown and my sexy man holding me by my waist as we dance together to our first dance. All eyes will be on me, and my bridesmaids and girlfriends will envy me. The ballroom will be elegantly decorated and the DJ will make all my guests get on the floor. I want to be buzzin, but not drunk! I want my guests to leave knowing they attended one of the best weddings ever! My wedding will be the best wedding in a long time, no detail will be overlooked! It will be perfect.

Approx. Wedding Budget: $12,000

Who’s Paying for the Wedding? My fiancé and I will be paying for our own wedding. I'm sad and disappointed that I am not lucky enough to have parents that can help in any way, shape, or form to pay for my wedding. No one in either of our families have offered to help with anything!

Who’s in Charge of Budget?
I'm in charge of the budget, and I'm quite good at it.

What happens if you go over budget? If that were to happen then it will be whatever, you only get married BIG once. It will be hard to go over budget when me and my fiancé! I am the breadwinner around here, so it’s all good; well I make more than my fiancé.

Did you hire a wedding planner?  No wedding planner around here! I’m my own wedding planner, I like to take control of my own affairs. I am not one to pay for a stranger to coordinate a big event in my personal life.

Describe your dream wedding dress: My dream wedding dress is a mermaid cut, its tight at the top, then flares out at the hips. It has a long beautiful train with diamonds on the hip and diamonds in the back. It accentuates my Kim Kardashian figure!! Its beautiful and made just for me! It’s a Maggie Sottero gown. Love it!

Who chose the rings?  What’s the story behind the rings? We still don’t have our rings, we're planning on picking those out closer to the wedding. We just haven’t had time to look with all the madness in our lives. We can take care of that weeks before the wedding.

# of Guests attending:

# in Wedding Party: 5 Bridesmaids, 5 groomsmen, flowergirl and the ring bearer.

How helpful has the groom been (or not) in the planning process?
My fiancé has not really helped me at all besides giving me the money. I am the one that is choosing everything and calling our vendors. He is not involved in the planning process at all besides helping financially. I prefer that he not get involved in the planning process because he doesn’t know anything about weddings besides that you have to say “I do.” I like having all the control under my hands, so far I'm okay, but I have a feeling that closer to the wedding I will begin to freak out more.

Are you trying to lose weight before the wedding?  How are you going about that?  What’s your goal?  Yes, I have gained some weight over the holidays and now I'm struggling to lose it. I am trying to visit the gym at least 3 times a week and stay away from sweets! Sweets are my weakness. I weigh 155, I want to weigh 140 for the wedding. I hate that I gained so much damn weight, it's not fair! I place all the blame on my mother in law! In one week she brought 3 red velvet cakes home and left them sitting on the kitchen counter. Sweets are my weakness and there was no way I was going to let the cake sit there looking all pretty. So yeah, between me and her skinny self we ate 3 cakes in one week. I blow up ten pounds and shes still petite! No fair!!! Im getting really frustrated that I'm losing weight fast enough, and anytime I want to eat anything, my fiancé is reminding me that I have to “watch it”.

Have you or your groom been married before?
No, we have never been married and both have no children. We pride ourselves on not having any children yet, compared to everyone else that already have kids before they're 22 or married. No babies here until 2013!

Who are your most/least favorite celebrity brides and why? My favorite celebrity bride is Khloe Kardashian because she is glamorous, real, and tells it how it is. She has a famous husband and she’s an established woman. Her wedding was beautiful and she's was not picky about letting America see her wedding. My least  fave celebrity bride is Nicole Richie, her gown was yucky! She looked gaucky and dead at her wedding and they only got married because of their 2 kids. I hope that wedding gown trend does not come back, it belongs in the 80’s (I love the 80’s though)!

What’s been your biggest stress since you started planning the wedding? My biggest stress has been paying for everything. We luckily both make good money, but I feel that we are being cheap and can’t afford very luxurious things like huge floral arrangements or a string quartet at the church. My friends think I should splurge because it is my wedding, but me and my fiancé are very cheap with our money. I am going crazy with choices and spending extra cash on little details. But I want every detail perfected, I want the perfect wedding! All I ask for is to have a fun wedding where I am the center of attention.

How do you typically handle stressful situations in regards to your wedding? I typically handle stressful situations by screaming at the problem, yelling away, crying if I have to and making things a big deal, just to get my way. I don’t stop until I get my way and I use threats a lot. I have threatened to not marry my fiancé if he doesn’t grow out his hair for the wedding. I do not want him to shave his hair the day of the wedding, he looks good with his longer hair. He gave in and agreed to not cut his hair til the day of the wedding. Anybody who knows me, knows that I yell and scream when im mad, and I don’t back down from any fights or arguments. I must win every single time. I also have a philosophy that every problem has a solution, no matter how its solved.

Tell us any dilemmas or stressful moments regarding the below details of the wedding. What happened? How was it resolved?

Date: My older sister was upset and tried to get me to change my wedding date because my nephew's birthday is the following day and she wanted to throw a big party for him. I told her sorry, it's picked! She was upset for a while, but now shes throwing my nephew a birthday party the day before the wedding.

Dress: It took forever to choose the perfect dress. My mom of course didn’t like any of the dresses I liked. When I came out wearing the first dress, my other older sister cried and my mom didn’t. I turned around and told my mom,” aren’t you gonna cry!?” My mom never shed a tear, since then I have been disappointed in her.

The Groom: Growing out his hair, I hate that he shaves his head, it looks so gangster. I told him he looks like he just got out of the pen.

Wedding Party:
My sisters were mad at me when they found out I didn’t choose them as bridemaids. One of them especially was very mad at me for that.

What’s the story of how you got engaged? I became madly in love with my fiancé since the first week we dated. He made me laugh, he was fun and sexy. I knew I wanted to marry him after about 3 months into our relationship. After our 2 year anniversary I kept talking about marriage and bringing up the idea of marriage. It almost became to the point where maybe I was being too pushy about it. He even told me once that I had to stop talking about a proposal or else he wouldn’t do it. It hurt my feelings that he told me that, but I stopped. Then one day he took me to a restaurant called the melting pot, and in a private dining room he proposed to me. I didn’t cry, but I became hysterical! Screaming oh my gosh and hugging and kissing him all over! We went home and made the best love ever.

What do you love the most about your husband-to-be? What I love most about my boo is that he is so sweet to me. He has a big heart and never holds any grudges against anyone. He cant stay mad at anybody, he's totally the opposite of me on that. I have called him some bad things and he doesn’t take long to accept my apologies. He is a buff white guy with tatted arms, and people would never guess how sweet he really is. He really, really melts my heart away. I knew he was the one for me when he forgave me for the first time after I called him names. My exes and I didn’t last because I  apparently “talked down to them”. But my boo and I are just fine, he forgives me for my mistakes.

What does he love about you?
He loves me because I’m a strong independent person, I can defend myself, and I can still behave like a lady. At the end of the day, he can hold me in his arms and call me his girl. He has much respect for me and sees me as his partner in life, we call each other soul mates and were lucky to have found one another.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about your husband to be? My biggest pet peeve about my fiancé is that he is too soft. His brothers pick on him and hes always the laughing target, I feel like I need to defend him sometimes. He doesn’t let things bother him and I don’t understand that. My instinct is talk crap if someone makes fun of me, but my fiancé just says “shut up.” I tell him he needs to stick up more for himself, I think hes afraid of confrontation. But its weird he used to be a trouble maker in high schooland get into fights. I think he tries really hard to not get into any physical altercations.

Has the engagement/wedding ever been called off, or in jeopardy?  If so, what happened and how did it get resolved?
Its never really been called off, but when I get real mad at him I usually threaten him that I'll break-up with him. That usually works so I can get my way or win the argument

When things aren’t going your way in regards to how you want your wedding, how do you handle it?
I'm a fighter, I never stop fighting for what I want. I tend to scream at people and make threats to get what I want. For example, a couple of months ago, I was angry when a DJ I had booked backed out on me. I didn’t leave a deposit, but still, I had to call him to find out he backed out on me. I flipped out and yelled at him over the phone. I told him he was a sick individual and that he should never DJ again! I felt like I lost control and thought the only way to get back at him was to post an ad on craigslist (I FOUND HIM ON CRAIGSLIST) about him and listed his name and number. It just felt good to get back at him for not being honest to me as his client. That’s how I handled that problem!