Athena and Phebie

Season 4, Episode 18

4…3…2…1 – Bridezilla Phebie is preparing for her New Year's Eve wedding day and dodging unfavorable looks from her future in-laws! Athena gets ready to celebrate her big day with fire spinners and stilt walkers! Show Full Recap

Meet 31 year-old bride Phebie, and her grouchy groom, Nick. This feuding couple is planning a wedding for New Year’s Eve in Nick’s hometown, at Nick’s church…with Nick’s family, who, incidentally, aren’t crazy about his loud-mouthed bride…Meanwhile, we catch up with anything-but-ordinary Athena and Atom, one year after their first wedding was canceled.  They’re doing it all over again, complete with fire spinners, stilt-walkers, and a spooky fairy-tale theme sure to give goose bumps in the wildest wedding in Bridezilla history!

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