Melisha and Gina

Season 4, Episode 13

It's just a leaky roof…Beware of the reign of Queen Melisha as she destroys anything or anyone that gets in the way of her wedding day. Gina's southern gentleman gets on her dark side. The Bridezilla is unleashed as she kicks him to the curb… literally! Show Full Recap

Queen Melishia’s wedding day is marred by a leaky roof, which threatens to unravel this Bridezilla’s icy exterior. Once she’s stopped hyperventilating, she manages to spew venom on anyone and everyone in her path! Meanwhile, meet 20 year-old bride-to-be, Gina Lombardo. This New England native is at odds with her southern gentleman over just about everything. A fight over the seating chart drives Gina over the edge…and lands her fiancé out on the sidewalk.

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