Stephani and Melisha

Season 4, Episode 11

Too much Xanax in her system? Stephanie barely makes it to her big day as two of her bridesmaids might have to back out! Meanwhile, "Queen" Melisha gets a little demanding and makes it clear that it's her way or the highway. Show Full Recap

Stephanie Kinsey makes it to her wedding day, but just barely. After a knock-down drag-out fight the night before, two bridesmaids may have to pull out on the day of, one painted her shoes, and by the time Stephanie makes it to the aisle she’s about to pass out from all the Xanax in her system. Meanwhile, meet Melisha Brown, who truly believes herself to be a queen. This delusional bride-to-be has her “royal court” ready to revolt after she hands out the rules and regulations, but Melisha isn’t one to be reasoned with…

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