Ayesha and Jenni

Season 5, Episode 1

Ayesha’s bridesmaid instructions include no visible cleavage and Jennifer has banned her fiancé Sean's mother from the wedding, so when he reveals that he wants her there, it doesn't go over well. Show Full Recap

We meet 27 year-old Ayesha, a burgeoning Bridezilla who hates to be touched—especially by her own fiancé. Her relationship with her bridesmaids isn’t much warmer. Ayesha doesn’t want any tattoos or cleavage visible in her bridal party, which is no small feat given the fact she purchased their dresses 2 sizes too small—in a low cut, sleeveless style. Jennifer and her fiancé Sean are fighting with Sean’s mother over the impending wedding. Jennifer’s future mother-in-law in particular, has been banned from the ceremony—or so she thinks. As it turns out, Sean’s not so hot to have his own mother absent from the wedding—and this revelation doesn’t go over well.

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