Jennifer and Vanessa

Season 5, Episode 16

Jennifer, a self-proclaimed wedding planner, loses control of her own wedding. Plus, it’s Wyoming bride Vanessa versus her bridesmaids… and her fiancé’s entire family! Show Full Recap

Florida Bridezilla Jennifer may claim to be a professional wedding coordinator, but when it comes to her own wedding, she has completely lost all control. Jennifer hurls chairs, calls off the wedding, calls the wedding back on, then hides in a stairwell to cry on her big day—refusing to even put on her wedding dress.  Meanwhile, Vanessa is the Wyoming bride who gets into several…awkward confrontations with her fiance’s family—all of whom would rather not see the wedding take place at all. And when Vanessa isn’t trading barbs with her future in-laws, she’s firing bridesmaids and terrorizing innocent nail salon staff, all in the name of getting her perfect day.

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