Megan and Celinda

Season 5, Episode 13

Megan is a no-frills bride-to-be who berates her parents, bridesmaids… and even her fiancé. Plus, will Celinda overcome her jealousy and selfish ways before she makes her journey down the aisle? Show Full Recap

Texan Celinda isn’t too keen on her fiance’s bachelor party plans, so she stalks him from outside a strip club, calling him from the parking lot to threaten him for enjoying himself without her. Celinda doesn’t get away with all her Bridezilla behavior, however, as her sisters definitely put her in her place when it comes to Celinda’s selfish ways. Meanwhile, it’s the continuation of Megan, the Midwestern no-frills bride-to-be who unapologetically berates her friends, her fiancé, and her entire family, who in turn are doing their best to force Megan to loosen up—not a concept she’s particularly fond of.

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