Bridezillas: Where Are They Now?

Season 7

Clips from past seasons spotlight the most-outrageous, most-unforgettable bridal decisions. Show Full Recap

evisit some of your favorite moments from season’s past, and find out what happened to these former 'Zillas when the cameras left and reality really began! Did Tanesha strike gold after quitting her job right before she married her man? Which bride was so shocked by viewer reaction to her antics that she went into early labor? And which Zilla’s mother-in-law from hell turned out to be right on the money? Who is still together… and who is headed for divorce court? Find out these answers and much, much more when we catch up with the likes of Season 6’s Kirsten and Valerie, Season 5’s Vanessa, and Season 4’s Michelle, just to name a few, on Bridezillas: Where Are They Now?

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