Sneak Peek

Stephanie and Alex

Season 7, Episode 12

Alex didn't invite her own sister to the wedding, PLUS she starts a fight with her Mom! Don't miss the family drama!  Plus, will anyone show up to Stephanie’s wedding? Tune in to see if this bride winds up at the altar all alone. Show Full Recap

Bridezilla Alex hasn't invited her own sister to the wedding, but did invite her to the bachelorette party. The sisters spend most of the evening screaming when Alex invites their brother's ex to the festivities, but that's nothing compared to the smack down Alex has with her own mother. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Stephanie's destination wedding is causing her grief when her own groom tells her he will be several hours late to their rehearsal. Later, a distraught Stephanie loses her cathedral veil on her wedding day, and everyone is running late — seriously late. Will this bride wind up at the altar all alone?

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