Sneak Peek

Brittany & Kim

Season 8, Episode 12
Aired 8.28.11

Unfocused & Untamed! Missing car keys and mismatched bridesmaid dresses — will Brittany get anything right?  Plus, how will Kim deal with her dysfunctional family?  Show Full Recap

Unfocused Bridezilla Brittany can't seem to get anything right.  From locking her keys inside her house and having to break in, to ordering one  bridesmaid dress in the wrong color, to driving out to a dress fitting only to realize she's left all the dresses at home--this Zilla is a total mess!  But the real drama lies with bridesmaid Liz, who seems a little too interested in following in Brittany's footsteps - including stealing her groom! And when Liz is accused of making out with Brittany's man the night before the wedding, all hell breaks loose!  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Kim fights an uphill battle with her dysfunctional family.  When her tanning plans fall through and Kim's family won't help her find a back-up tanning salon, she accuses them of making everything about them.  Later, when her mom dares criticize Kim's unconventional black reception dress, Kim rants and raves -until mom threatens not to show up on her big day.  But Kim really loses control when her fiancé refuses to help her make wedding favors after a long day at work.  When throwing a gaming controller at him doesn't make a big enough impression, Kim smashes his whole game system! 

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