Sneak Peek

Frankie & Marissa

Season 8, Episode 15
Aired 9.18.11

Bridezilla Frankie keeps searching for her missing dress and forces her bridesmaid to pierce her ears.  Bridezilla Marissa battles her Maid of Honor and  questions her groom's fidelity. Show Full Recap

Bridezilla Frankie aka "Rae Rae" wants a wedding that rivals William and Kate's and won't let anyone stand in her way!  When she wants to wear her bridesmaid's shirt to her bridal shower, she literally tries to take it off her in the middle of the street! Then, a bridesmaid's birthday celebration turns into a chance for Rae Rae to get drunk and celebrate...herself.    Then, Rae Rae concocts a scheme to force her bridesmaid to pierce her ears for the wedding - even if she has to physically hold her down to get it done!  But as the days tick down and her dream dress still hasn't arrived, Rae Rae cries and refuses to do any more wedding prep!  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Marissa is fighting an uphill battle to get to her wedding day.  First her pregnant Maid of Honor Sandra is making her mad at every turn - from questioning her wedding bouquet to looking fat in her bridesmaid dress!  And when Sandra dares expect Marissa to wait for her during a nail appointment she may end up getting kicked out of the wedding!  But it's not like people are lining up to take her place.  At her bachelorette party, the turnout is so poor that Marissa is forced to call her fiancé and his friends just to have a few more people attending.  But Marissa's biggest obstacle is the fiancé himself - just 3 weeks before the wedding, Marissa learns that he'd cheated on her!  Now every disagreement turns into a fight about his infidelity.  And when Marissa hears, and hates, the love song he's composing for her big day, the fight escalates and the entire wedding is in jeopardy! 

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