Sneak Peek

Frankie & Ruby

Season 8, Episode 16
Aired 9.25.11

Bridezilla Frankie goes on a last-ditch effort to find a dress, nearly gets in a fight at her bachelorette party and freaks out repeatedly on her wedding day.  Plus, runaway bridesmaids! From endless wedding duties to ridiculous rules, Ruby is driving her bridesmaids to the edge… and far away from her! When they bail, what will this Bridezilla do? Show Full Recap

It's days until her wedding, and Bridezilla Frankie (aka "Ray Rae") still doesn't have a wedding dress!  After learning her dress won't arrive from Paris until after the wedding, Ray Rae loses her cool.  And when her sister suggests it may be her fault, Ray Rae yells at her and storms out.  But the next day, Ray Rae finds her 4th dream dress.  Unfortunately, it's way over her budget, and though Ray Rae pouts her mom finally puts her foot down and says no.  Later, bachelorette party really heats up when Ray Rae and her friends nearly come to blows with another group of bar patrons.  And when the whole group is kicked out from the bar, Ray Rae has to be dragged out, kicking and screaming.  But none of this holds a candle to Ray Rae's wedding day, when the bride has meltdown after meltdown, and a fight on the way to her reception that you'll have to see to believe!  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Ruby is the annoying, nagging micromanager who is driving her bridesmaids to the edge.  After laying down her endless wedding duties and rules, Ruby forced her bridesmaids to do a dress fitting and beg her forgiveness on their knees!  And when Maid of Honor Cassie has a tough time zipping her dress, there's hell to pay!  After forcing her bridal party to roll napkins for hours, they've finally had enough - and run off, leaving Ruby sobbing.

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