Sneak Peek

Gabrielle & Kym

Season 8, Episode 3
Aired 6.26.11

Gabby has it out with the planner; Kym's baker backs out and she takes it out on the kids.  Show Full Recap

Bridezilla Gabrielle can't seem to get on the same page with her wedding planner, Curlinda. Gabby doesn't know any of the details of her wedding--from what hotel she'll be staying.  When Gabby learns that her shoes were lost in the mail, she completely flips. And things really come to a head when Gabby needs to tell her caterer she won't be needing him for the rehearsal dinner, the night before the rehearsal!  When Bridesmaid Candice shows up with a hairstyle that doesn't match the rest of the bridesmaids, Gabby has a whole new set of problems.  Come the wedding day, nothing seems to be going right for this harried bride.  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Kym is doing her best to pull together her wedding at the last minute. Since her cake baker quit at the last minute, Kym is desperate to find a wedding cake at the 11th hour. Kym takes her aggravation out on her Maid of Honor's two children. Tensions with the Maid of Honor mount, and Kym wonders if she should replace her.

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