Sneak Peek

Johanne & Cristal

Season 8, Episode 22
Aired 11.6.11

Unpredictable & Certifiable! When all of Johanne's secrets come out, will there still be a wedding? Plus, Cristal slaps her fiancé... after arguing over centerpieces.  Oh, boy... maybe she won't get hitched either? Tune in and find out.  It's the riveting conclusion of BridezillasFollow our brides on Twitter: Johanne | Porsha Show Full Recap

Bridezilla Cristal definitely wears the pants in her relationship and is no shrinking violet when it comes to confrontation.  First, Cristal gets into it with her fiancé while making centerpieces, and slaps him.  Then she unleashes on an unsuspecting homeless man asking for spare change.  And when she suspects someone mocked her during her bachelorette party, not only does she confront the bar patron, but when his friend attempts to offer her an olive branch - and a drink - she throws it in his face.  But it’s on her wedding day, when she looks back on her pre-wedding week that this Bridezilla dissolves into a blubbering mess.  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Johanne can't seem to stay drama free for a minute.  Her bachelorette outing with her family and friends becomes a mess when a full-scale food fight erupts.  And when a friend reveals to Johanne's sister that she bought herself a ring after claiming poverty and borrowing money from her, the tears and accusations flow.  But when Johanne comes clean to her groom about the ring and her date in the heat of battle, will it be too much for him to take?  Will he even show up to the wedding?

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