Sneak Peek

Johanne & Daphne

Season 8, Episode 21
Aired 10.30.11

Demanding Diva! Can Daphne curb her brat-zilla attitude long enough to make it down the aisle? Plus, Johanne continues her reign of pre-wedding terror. Find out how (and why!) she put her impending marriage on the line this time...   Show Full Recap

Bridezilla Daphne can't seem to make any decisions about her wedding - from her ever-changing rainbow wedding cake, to her hairstyle, to her wedding theme.  But that doesn't stop her from voicing her demands - loudly.  First she attacks her groom for daring to buy doughnuts, then throws her bridesmaid out of her hair trial when she doesn't give the feedback Daphne wants, then drives her mother to tears with her ungrateful attitude while mom scrambles to get her wedding dress fixed.  But when Daphne gets into a fight with her fiancé as they're decorating the venue, will he follow his parents’ advice and cut and run before it's too late?  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Johanne continues her reign of pre-wedding terror.  After making last minute changes to her entire tuxedo order, Johanne forces her brother and fiancé to help her tear her house apart looking for a missing tiara.  But she really puts her impending marriage on the line when she goes through with the secret date she'd made!

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