Sneak Peek

Kim & Kera

Season 8, Episode 18
Aired 10.9.11

Ready to Rumble! This bride's ego is almost as out of control as her temper! Show Full Recap

After a slap-down, drag-out fight with her sister Maesha, Bridezilla Kim is ready to rumble with just about anyone in her path!  First, Bridesmaid Monique gets booted from the house - and possibly the wedding - for missing a dress fitting to go to an amusement park.  Then Bridesmaid Teanna is kicked out of the car for snapping her gum. Lastly, cousin Tammy is 86ed from the wedding party for not paying for Kim's spa treatment!  But in her frenzy to cut people, it's someone who Kim wants present that really throws a wrench in her wedding morning, when hair stylist Sharone is MIA on the day of the wedding, leaving Kim and her wedding party doing their own hair! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Kera is the whiney bride-to-be who expects everything, and everyone, to fall in line with her every whim.  First, she forces unemployed Maid of Honor Bre to pay for everything, including Kera's wedding favors!  Then, she melts down during her makeup trial, when the makeup artist does exactly what Kera requested.  But when Kera keeps yelling at Bre to make her wedding favors while she, herself, naps, the Maid of Honor has finally had enough and storms out crying.  Now she's not even sure she wants to be in Kera's wedding.

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