Sneak Peek

Kym & Porsha

Season 8, Episode 4
Aired 7.3.11

Bridezilla Porsha threatens to shave her bridal party, and forces them to exercise. But her biggest concern is her fiance's bachelor party. Kym battles her mom and has a meltdown on her wedding day when the limo is late.  Show Full Recap

When Bridezilla Porsha takes on her bridesmaids, they give her a serious run for her money! First Porsha tries to micromanage their body hair, then arranges a trip to the Super Buffet to test their diet strategies. But while Porsha pigs out, her bridal party jokes a little too much about her fiance's impending bachelor party. When Porsha finds out that Byron is planning to hire strippers for entertainment, she completely freaks out--and puts her sister into a headlock! Fortunately no one suffers any permanent damage, and the next day the bridesmaids turn out for Porsha's idea of a work out. But while Porsha sits on the sidelines, her bridesmaids take off for the nearest lunch line--and a madcap chase ensues. When Porsha does catch up with her bridal party, she's not above throwing punches to make her point. But Porsha underestimated her ladies, and soon its the Zilla who is under attack! Later, Porsha confronts Byron about his bachelor party, and tells him that if he disobeys, she'll be leaving him at the altar. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Kym gets into a battle with her mother when she gets a little too frisky at her bachelorette party. On Kym's wedding day things go from bad to worse when absolutely everything has this Bridezilla on edge. While her bridal party scours the house for her missing deodorant, the unity candle goes AWOL, the limo is late, and Kym winds up screaming her head off at the driver. Kym is so upset, she questions whether she should go through with the wedding, because if its not perfect, she doesn't want to get married.

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