Sneak Peek

Ruby & Kim

Season 8, Episode 17
Aired 10.2.11

Rude Awakening! Can this whistle-blowing bride whip her bridal party into shape? Show Full Recap

After learning that her brother-in-law may not make it to the rehearsal, Bridezilla Ruby calls him at work to yell at him and force him to come.  And when that doesn't work, she whines to and badgers her fiancé.  And while her bridesmaids may be back in the fold, Ruby's not quick to forgive and forget, literally drags them out of bed to do a workout while blowing her whistle in their ears.  Later, at the rehearsal dinner, Ruby does nothing but complain about people drinking, leaving the table, or doing anything that may look like they're enjoying themselves.  And while her brother-in-law does show up, Ruby is still mad that he's not paying enough attention to her or her groom.  The wedding day finally arrives and Ruby's ill-planned pre-wedding photos have everyone irate.  But none like Ruby, herself.  Especially when she discovers her pristine wedding gown gets dirty from walking down the sidewalk! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Kim is convinced that her wedding production - the "Kim Show" - must go off without a hitch.  But when her bridesmaids don't comply with her every rule - including no gum chewing - Kim lets her anger boil over.  And it's more than just angry words flying when Kim's sister Maesha dares sleep in past Kim's designated wake-up time.  There's a pot of water and fists in the mix before this morning has even begun!

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