Sneak Peek

Suzy & Brittany

Season 8, Episode 11
Aired 8.21.11

Suzy loses control! As the pre-wedding pressure mounts, will Bridezilla Suzy crack?  Plus, Bridezilla Brittany is unable to focus!  She seems more interested in her wedding than in actually marrying her fiancé.  But will they even be able to pay the wedding bill?  Tune in for the double dose of horror!  Show Full Recap

As the pre-wedding pressure mounts, it looks like Bridezilla Suzy just might crack. When the Best Man won't bend to her will and change his speech, Suzy takes matters into her own hands, dumping a drink all over him. A simple request to pack for her big move results in a tearful, ranting, cursing meltdown. But it's on the wedding day that Suzy really loses control.  When she learns her fiancé’s 4-year-old sister might dare wear a tiara, the crazed bride threatens to tear it out of her hair!  Suzy will be the only princess on this day!  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Brittany seems more interested in her wedding than in actually marrying her fiancé.  This scatter-brained Bridezilla may not be able to focus on much except berating, badgering and putting down her hapless fiancé. To pay off the wedding, this couple has employed some unusual means, including playing the lottery, collecting spare change, selling their copper piping and even their own plasma to make ends meet.  And when a promised refund check doesn't make it to Brittany in time, the whole wedding is in danger of breaking down! 

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