Sneak Peek

Suzy & Danni

Season 8, Episode 9
Aired 8.7.11

Bridezilla Danni argues with everyone, and flips out big time on her big day. Bridezilla Suzy gets hysterical over a haircut, competes with the Best Man for her fiance's affection and concocts an evil payback plan.  Show Full Recap

Bridezilla Danni may be out of the pageant circuit, but she hasn't given up on being treated like a beauty queen. A hair trial leaves Danni in tears when Andy suggests she could use a little more volume in her limp hair.  No one is safe from Danni's wrath.  It is on her wedding day that Danni really loses her cool when someone offers her water to calm her nerves, and the bride dissolves in tears and screams.  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Suzy may talk about not wanting to have a big wedding, but that won't stop her from wanting everything for it -- and controlling every aspect.  This 19-year-old brat is used to getting her way, and anyone who dares contradict her will pay the price. And when Suzy learns her fiancé, Taylor still hasn't purchased a plane ticket for her to move with him after the wedding, she plots a dastardly payback plan. 

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