Sneak Peek

Tifani & Johanne

Season 8, Episode 20
Aired 10.23.11

Bridezilla Tifani plots revenge, fights with her groom's friend, and gets wasted at her rehearsal dinner.  Plus, Johanne scrapes together money for her venue, buys herself an expensive ring and makes a secret date.  How much trouble will this Wildzilla get into? Show Full Recap

Bridezilla Tifani plots revenge on one of her groomsmen by baking him laxative brownies, but her scheme backfires when her mother, sister eat the tainted baked goods.  But the real bane of Tifani's existence is her groom's cousin Truman. Tifani takes matters — and Truman — into her own hands and before long, fists are nearly flying.  When the wedding day comes... the groom is not around.  Meanwhile, Bridezilla Johanne is determined to get her perfect princess wedding no matter the cost to her bank account of fiancé’s dignity.  Johanne buys herself a fancy diamond ring while getting her groom the cheapest ring she can find, causes a panic when she thinks she doesn't have the money for her venue, and pressures Ed to stay blindfolded while she has a questionable tattoo emblazoned on his chest.  But its her flirtation and secret date with her tattoo artist that are bound to get this Wildzilla into trouble.

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