Sneak Peek

Ashanti & Liza

Season 9, Episode 6
Aired 7.15.12

Bridezilla Liza goes ballistic to get her dream wedding; Bridezilla Ashanti goes on the attack during her wedding rehearsal. Show Full Recap

  Bridezilla Liza may be short on funds, but she is determined to have her fairy tale, under-the-sea, princess themed wedding. But the word practical just isn’t part of her vocabulary. No one is safe from her tantrums, especially when it comes to footing the bill for lavish wedding accessories. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Ashanti continues to push everyone to the limit as her wedding day approaches. She alienates her bridesmaids by forcing them to sign a contract ensuring they acquiesce to her every demand – including cooking ox tails and pole dancing. And if treating them like servants isn’t bad enough, constant threats to kick them out of the wedding set tempers flaring. But, it isn’t until the wedding rehearsal her fiance Geoff gets his first glimpse of her crazy ways, when she has an atomic meltdown at the church.  

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