Sneak Peek

Blanca & Jennifer

Season 9, Episode 13
Aired 9.2.12

  Penny-pinching Bridezilla Jennifer debates spending money on a marriage license and schemes to get alterations and favors for free. Brazen Bridezilla Blanca drinks, fights, and prances her way to the altar.   Show Full Recap

  After waiting eleven long years, Bridezilla Jennifer is all nerves as she tries to get her marriage license. But a long wait in line and bad jokes served up by her fiancé, leaves Jennifer questioning their future together. Nevertheless, Jennifer carries on with her bridal preparations. Her appointment at the nail salon is a disaster when Jen suspects that the manicurist is bad mouthing her. Later, Jen makes a visit to her tailor where she tries to bully him into a few free alterations. Free being Jennifer’s favorite word, she enlists husband-to-be Lance to help her finish the wedding favors, which pushes them both to the edge of sanity. Luckily, the hairstylist arrives, giving Lance a chance to escape his Zilla’s neuroses, and Jennifer the chance to chug some wine away from her fiancé’s watchful eyes. Meanwhile, at her hair and makeup trial, Bridezilla Blanca lashes out on her bridal party for supposedly slacking. Then she reveals the cruel text messages she’s been getting—from someone in her fiancé’s own family! Later, at the rehearsal dinner, our Zilla fills up on drinks resulting in an alcohol-fueled attack on an unsuspecting guest. The next day, as Blanca recovers from her hangover she realizes she’s still missing quite a few key components for the wedding, but the most important being her signature cocktail. On the morning of the wedding, Blanca gets payback for her madness when she finds the only thing that bugs her worse than her bridesmaids is a swarm of bugs flying up her dress. At last it’s time to walk down the aisle, and our Zilla does so with poise. When it’s all over Blanca reneges on her promise to groom Julian and proudly places the initials BJ on her cake. The night ends with a bang as this Bridezilla’s bouquet toss turns into a street brawl.   

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