Sneak Peek

Cristal & Janelle

Season 9, Episode 19
Aired 10.14.12

Teary Bridezilla Cristal gets half a tattoo, bickers with her mother-in-law and contemplates calling off the wedding. Bridezilla Janelle puts her insanity on display for the whole neighborhood and tries to put a stop to filming, practically ruining her wedding!  Show Full Recap

Punk-Zilla Cristal and fiancé Corey visit the tattoo parlor for some permanent evidence of their love, but a fight with the tattoo artist leaves Cristal only half-inked. Later, our hostile Zilla and her future mother-in-law Sherry turn a trip to the dress shop into an afternoon of insults. And when Cristal’s secret meeting with the wedding coordinators is discovered by Sherry, this sulk-Zilla is ready to call the whole thing off! But that doesn’t stop her from going forward with a tux fitting for some drunken groomsmen, or punishing a bridesmaid with a broken foot. Meanwhile, quick-tempered Bridezilla Janelle takes out her anger on her bridesmaids when it’s her makeup artist who’s late to the trial. Some choice words for the artist are just the tip of the iceberg; a call from a wayward bridesmaid has infuriates our Zilla, who is all too willing to cut her out of the wedding and throw away their life-long friendship! Three days before the wedding, Janelle finally stops by the bakery to place her wedding cake order, and when communication fails, this Zilla thinks nothing of bossing the owner around her own kitchen. Already in a foul mood, word that her fiancé is headed out with his friends sends Janelle into a tailspin and she barely misses hitting member of the Bridezillas camera crew with her car! By the morning of her wedding day, Janelle has forgiven her fiancé, but not the camera crew. This Zilla takes out her frustrations by going out of her way to insist they’re to blame for everything, nearly ruining her own wedding day with false accusations. 

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