Sneak Peek

Cristal & Natalie

Season 9, Episode 20
Aired 10.21.12

Former Bad Girl and current Bridezilla Natalie Nunn runs roughshod over her bridal party and loses control when her assistant can’t satisfy her wedding needs. Bridezilla Cristal feuds with her fiancé and watches her wedding turn into a drunken nightmare.  Show Full Recap

Natalie Nunn goes from Bad Girl to worse when she becomes a Bridezilla. It begins with a trip to the wedding dress salon with her rambunctious bridesmaids when we get the first taste of who really runs L.A. When her bridesmaids try to steal the shine off Natalie's moment, the 'Zilla's lunatic nature makes an appearance. And when Natalie and her self centered bridesmaids go for a body wrap, the claws really come out. But it's a snafu with getting the wedding rings sized that sends this Bridezilla over the deep end. Later, when the demanding diva learns her assistant hasn't secured free tables and chairs for the wedding day, Natalie berates him and then summons her staff for an emergency team meeting so she can decide who to fire. Meanwhile, overly sensitive Bridezilla Cristal has incorrectly filed for a marriage license and has a break down after being teased by her fiancé. Things only get worse when, fiancé Corey refuses to help her assemble their wedding favors. A fight ensues and Corey storms out of the house. Cristal over hears her fiancé talking behind her back and locks him out of the house. He talks his way back in by promising to help with the favors, but soon the tattooed twosome are at each other's throats, again, over Cristal's brother's mismatched tuxedo. Once the big day finally arrives, Cristal cries her way through the morning as everything from bickering bridesmaids to a boozing groom leaves this Zilla wondering when her dream turned into a nightmare.

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