Sneak Peek

Davina & Cristal

Season 9, Episode 18
Aired 10.7.12

Bridezilla Cristal punishes a tardy bridesmaid and loses her mind when her mother-in-law tries to “help” with the centerpieces. Bridezilla Davina is left frenzied and fuming over her fiance’s bachelor party.  Show Full Recap

Punk rock Bridezilla Cristal obsesses over missing bridesmaids at her bridal shower, and treats the pain with alcohol. Unfortunately, this leads to brazen complaints about the gifts, which doesn’t go over too well with the gift-givers! When her bridesmaid is late yet again to the hair and make up trial, our short-tempered Zilla comes up with just the right punishment—or should we say banishment? But Cristal gets some punishment of her own when her fiancé sends his mother Sherry to help Cristal with the centerpieces. But when Sherry tries to cut her future daughter-in-law out of the picture, our Zilla ends up in tears. Later, a trip to the bakery proves disastrous when Cristal’s indecision brings out the Zilla in the groom himself. Meanwhile, overbearing Bridezilla Davina guards the front door to ensure her fiancé finishes the seating chart instead of slipping away to his bachelor party. But this Zilla’s temper is tested when her brothers arrive to take Brian out. The groom-to-be acquiesces to his duties for the moment, but it may be too late to stop Davina’s escalating rampage. And when our Zilla thinks a stripper has arrived at their home, she goes nuclear and threatens to call off the wedding! After Brian spends the night on the couch, the wedding is back on, and Davina is back to her usual nagging. Later, our Zilla sharpens her scissors, determined to confront the best man, and his unruly hair, once and for all! The morning of the wedding, Davina’s fear of being late gets the best of her and by the time the reception rolls around, this Zilla couldn’t care less about celebrating. 

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