Sneak Peek

Jennifer & Minyon

Season 9, Episode 14
Aired 9.9.12

Bridezilla Minyon leaves a trail of broken glass and relationships as she bullies her bridal slaves and throws down in a bare-knuckle rumble. Boozy Bridezilla Jennifer throws a tantrum, crashes a wake and nearly gets arrested. Show Full Recap

  Bridezilla Minyon loves being the boss and with her wedding day quickly approaching she takes full advantage of her presiding role as bride-to-be. During her makeup trial this Zilla demands a constant flow of compliments from everyone nearby. She then stops by wedding coordinator Angelica’s house to break down wedding duties, but disruptive members of her bridal party cause our Zilla to flip out and break more than that! The next day while shopping for flower girl dresses, Minyon decides she’d rather focus on herself. To her bridesmaids’ dismay, this Zilla ponders buying a second wedding dress. Finally, her sister Felnicia decides to intervene, resulting in a throw down at the local park! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Jennifer tries to celebrate her bachelorette party in style, which has sadly never really been her forte. And having spent most of her money on a limo, the price of a drink might just break the bank. The morning of her wedding, Jennifer’s left feeling queasy, but not because of last night’s drinking! Instead, it has everything to do with saying “I do”. Her go-to solution? Double-fisting glasses of wine. But last-minute jitters and a lack of guests leave this Zilla crying down the aisle. At last, the knot is tied and Jennifer throws back a few shots to numb the pain of a low turnout. While the alcohol sets in our Zilla turns her attention to a sexy gift from her sister, which she quickly puts to use in the restroom. Never afraid of making a fool of herself, Jennifer takes her bad behavior to the next level when she throws a tantrum in the parking lot, storms a funeral wake, and nearly lands in jail.

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