Sneak Peek

Michelle & Tasha

Season 9, Episode 9
Aired 8.5.12

Bridezilla Tasha dyes her fiance’s hair and predicts the end of her marriage. Michelle kicks out her father-in-law and wishes death upon the camera crew and producer. Show Full Recap

  Bridezilla Tasha is thrilled to be getting married. If only she was happy with her fiancé! In order to stomach future husband Jeff, Tasha gives him a Clay Aiken inspired makeover. Jeff emerges looking more like Ronald McDonald than an American Idol, and unfortunately for Tasha, Jeff’s hair isn’t her only DIY failure. When Tasha’s mother comments on her lack of skill with rhinestones and glue guns, Tasha has a melt down. After a little mother-daughter chat about the frustrations that await our Bridezilla once she’s married, nerves are settled – she only expects Jeff to live another twenty years, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel! But that light is nearly extinguished at the rehearsal when Tasha panics at the thought of marrying someone so old, short, and boring. At the last minute, Tasha pulls herself together so she and Jeff can rehearse the awkward wedding dance this ‘Zilla has personally choreographed. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Michelle’s wedding is days away, and nothing says lifetime commitment more than baking your own wedding cake with your fiancé. That is, according to groom Greg, who throws the partially made confection into the yard on discovering his ‘Zilla has started without him. Michelle displays her own half-baked attitude when she chews Greg’s father out for being late to the rehearsal and ultimately bans him from the nuptials. But he’s not the only one on this Zilla’s spit list. Michelle’s bridesmaids get quite the earful when they fail to read her mind. At long last the wedding day arrives and this Bridezilla starts the day off right – with mimosas, which only add to her growing discontent with the producer and cameras. When it’s time to walk down the aisle, Michelle is muttering death threats and wishing suicide upon crew members. There’s no happily ever after for this ‘Zilla as she expresses her pure hatred before finally kicking the producer and cameras out of her so-called celebration.

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