Sneak Peek

Minyon & Christine

Season 9, Episode 15
Aired 9.16.12

Bridezilla Christine drives her fiancé Aaron over the edge, and into questioning their marriage. Dominating Divazilla Minyon shreds everything from her flowers to her mom’s wedding attire when they don’t measure up to her standards.  Show Full Recap

Inked-up Bridezilla Christine takes a trip to the tattoo parlor to cover up a past relationship mistake while neglecting unfinished wedding business such as buying wedding rings. So when the jewelry store closes before she and her fiancé, Aaron, are able to pick up their rings, it sends Christine into a high pitched frenzy in the store parking lot. Once home, the fight escalates with Christine threatening to stab her fiancé after he disapproved of her new tattoo: the initial ‘a’ for Aaron. The next day, Christine goes on a rampage after Aaron fumbles travel plans to their destination wedding in Las Vegas. And it only gets worse the closer they get to Sin City. Being trapped in a car with Christine has Aaron doubting whether he wants to tie the knot. Meanwhile, dominating diva Minyon's battle with her estranged sister continues over dinner. Minyon pulls out all the stops to make her sister acquiesce to her demands as startled family watch in dismay. But it is nothing compared to the tantrum this ‘zilla throws when she discovers her bridal bouquet is comprised of fake flowers. Minyon shreds the bouquet like a lawnmower and then starts in on the florist. Grandma defuses the situation, but it doesn’t last long. When it’s time to gather her bridal party for a dress check, prima donna Minyon decides she doesn’t like her mother’s dress and secretly shreds it with a pair of scissors. The wedding rehearsal proves just as tumultuous when Minyon storms off after becoming enraged because her bridal party was too jovial during the run-through. On wedding day, karma comes home to roost when Minyon falls ill and the minister gets tongue tied during her wedding ceremony.

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