Sneak Peek

Rochelle & Ashanti

Season 9, Episode 5
Aired 7.8.12

Bridezilla Ashanti’s stress level rises, which leads to firing some bridesmaids along the way. Meanwhile, childish Bridezilla Rochelle throws a tantrum and threatens to call off the wedding. Show Full Recap

  Bridezilla Ashanti found planning her Southern California wedding from her home in Hawaii to be a little overwhelming. So when this disorganized bride goes over budget, she calls in her bridesmaids to help with the remaining tasks. Treating her bridesmaids as hired help, even the most relaxing errands like pedicures and lingerie shopping unhinge this fiery bride, leading her to fire a few maids along the way. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Rochelle, the teen bride, continues in her selfish ways with Nathan. When tears don’t work, this ’Zilla uses the art of manipulation, aka sex, to win him back. At least she is smart enough to stock up on sex toys for future fights with her soon to be husband. But Nathan isn’t the only one frustrated with Rochelle’s unappreciative attitude, because when mom is done planning a Cinderella wedding for her little princess, a simple thank you is too much to ask.

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