Sneak Peek

Tasha & Tracy

Season 9, Episode 10
Aired 8.12.12

  Bridezilla Tracy’s desperate need for love makes her toss her cookies instead of her bouquet; Tasha is traumatized by a male stripper and wants to call off her wedding.  Show Full Recap

  Bridezilla Tracy and her fiancé Josh have a communication problem, and it’s not because Josh is deaf in one ear. Confusion over who’s buying plastic plates for the reception drives this ‘Zilla to tears. While most brides are content to leave their mother-in-law at arm’s length, our Cryzilla admits that she’s desperate for her affection. So much so that even contemplating the lack of love sends Tracy into a face scratching frenzy. When said mother–in-law declines an invitation to the nail salon, our ‘Zilla stomps to the bedroom for a meltdown even her husband-to-be can’t stop. At the rehearsal dinner, Tracy’s meal comes back to haunt her, causing her to flee the restaurant. At last, the wedding day arrives and the couple ties the knot in a barren field as joyless as their marriage promises to be. Unfortunately, the reception doesn’t offer much relief, because on watching her new husband and his mother dance, Tracy’s stomach rebels again. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Tasha’s bachelorette party comes complete with stripper and marital aid presentation. It’s clear that this ‘Zilla needs all the help she can get in the bedroom! When the stripper appears, Tasha is less blushing bride and more horrified. Screaming in terror, our ‘Zilla bolts from the room and bursts into tears. When Tasha tries to impress her future father–in-law, her own father’s comments infuriate her, and she can’t keep from slamming both him and her fiancé Jeff for the most minor infractions. Unfortunately for her dad, this Bridezilla holds a grudge and doesn’t hesitate to lash out during a crafting session. After she’s driven him from the room, she sobs and reveals the reason behind her anger: her father’s misuse of a fruit kebab during brunch. Tasha’s brother Tevin also gets an earful when he fails to catch this ‘Zilla’s own mistake on her wedding programs. And fiancé Jeff isn’t immune either, as he discovers when he fails to pick up his tux. If Tasha has her way, there won’t be a wedding at all.

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