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Where Are They Now? 3.0

Season 9
Aired 6.10.12

Revisit some of your favorite Bridezilla moments, as we follow up with some of our most outrageous former ‘Zillas. Who’s still married? Who’s headed for divorce court? And who has a mini ‘Zilla? Show Full Recap

Here comes the bride, all dressed in… maternity wear? After the cameras turn off, WE tv’s infamous Bridezillas charge ahead into married life – filled with love, laughter, fighting and baby puke. Find out what happened once the crew left and reality kicked in for twelve newly wed Bridezilla couples. Revisit some of your favorite moments as we follow up to see who’s still married, whose marriages imploded and who made a baby the night of their wedding. While some Bridezillas may have gained weight or gotten divorced, others have stayed the course and are... relatively happy. Which of our ‘Zillas became quite the hometown celebrity, at least in her own mind? Which Bridezilla is already training her daughter in the art of ‘Zilladom? Find out these answers and more as we catch up with brides from seasons past, on Bridezillas: Where Are They Now? 3.0.

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