Sneak Peek

Angela & Adrianne

Season 10, Episode 20
Aired 9.27.13

Sniveling Bridezilla Adrianne fuels a feud with her hunky brother-in-law. Snotty Bridezilla Angela faces a first ever Bridezilla’s wedding objection. Show Full Recap

Our first Native American bridezilla, Adrianne, believed that if she’s not happy then nobody else should be happy. Her fiancé, Wylon, seemed prepared to go along with this misery ride. In the most classy way possible, Adrianne delegated the task of wrapping her party favors in pink duct tape to her fiancé and his brother. Adrianne then got into one of what would be many arguments with Wylon’s sarcastic brother. “They are like two bulls running into each other,” said Wylon. Meanwhile the “coddled and commanding” bridezilla Angela was trying to convince fiancé Eric to buy her $7,000 diamond earrings, after admitting they had gone $40,000 over budget. Later Angela showed up an hour late to her own birthday dinner and was angry that everybody started eating without her. Back to Adrianne; she had come up with the perfect way to punish Waylon for not standing up for her to his brother—a toe wax and pedicure. “I really hope that his manhood is robbed,” Adrianne said. How sweet! Angela instructed her bridesmaids to all try on their very expensive and very tight dresses on. One bridesmaid, who had been juicing for 30 days in order to fit the dress, passed out while wearing the dress. Angela sympathetically threw a glass of water in the collapsed girl’s face. “She’s a mess,” the bridesmaid said later. Our other ‘zilla, Adrianne, threw a fit while talking to the wedding planner and leaves her fiancé and his brother to talk about the possibility of zombie center pieces. Later, as a way to punish the two for being “rude” during the meeting she pretends that she is going to cook a wonderful meal for them and instead hands them spray cheese and crackers. Fed up with Adrianne’s controlling ways, Wylon’s brother sprays the canned cheese in Adrianne’s hair. Angela decided to put all of her disappointment in her “incompetent” bridesmaids aside and have a great time at her bachelorette party. When her fiancé shows up unannounced, Angela blames her bridesmaids for not keeping track of him or knowing that he was going to come. Angela then attacks her fiancé sister, Sandy, when she realizes Sandy is talking to her boyfriend instead of focusing on making this the best bachelorette party ever. Angela then tells Eric he needs to chose between his sister or his future wife. Poor guy. On the day of the wedding, surprisingly, everyone shows up including Sandy but she wasn’t afraid to step in during the ceremony and announce that she objected to her brother marrying Angela. Eric declared that he loved Angela and was marrying her no matter what. And so they got married and lived happily…somewhat…ever after.

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