Commit or Quit

Real couples in crisis turn to Judge Lynn Toler to decide if they should Commit or Quit.
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S1, E2

Newlyweds On Trial

A newlywed couple’s explosive fights leave them on the brink and only Judge Toler can decide their fate. London and Andre married 6 months ago after a whirlwind romance but everything changed after the wedding. Will they Commit or Quit?

S1, E3

Marriage Is Prison?

After experiencing devastating losses, Ayanna and Brian seek Judge Toler’s help to determine if their past baggage is too heavy to carry into the future. When shocking secrets & fertility struggles rock their marriage, Judge Toler decides their fate.

S1, E4


After dating 6 years, Kieyesia and Antoine seek Judge Toler’s help taking next steps. Antoine constantly puts his ex on a pedestal and Kieyesia fears she’ll never live up to her. Will these two let a past relationship get in the way of their future?

S1, E5

Friends with Benefits?

Mac’s been married once and doesn't want to make the same mistake twice. Unique is ready for a real commitment, but social media is killing their relationship. Judge Toler will decide if they should Commit or Quit!

S1, E6

Bridging the Gap

Bridgit and James battle with infidelity, finances, a 20-year age gap, and keeping secrets. Now, the elephant in the room is the size of a house, and they need Judge Toler's help to decide whether their love is worth fighting for.

S1, E7

Radio Silence

Days before Shyneka & Correy’s wedding, Correy drops a bombshell that may derail their big day. Only Judge Toler can decide if they’re ready to walk down the aisle or call it quits for good.

S1, E8

Marry Me... Again?

Divorced couple Demi and Kenny seek Judge Toler’s help if they should remarry after infidelity and two prison stints. Mimi and Charles’s volatile social media ridden relationship exposes deep trauma, but is it too late to save it?