About Maja

Maja is proud to continue the legacies of African American entrepreneurs and beauty industry pioneers such as Madame C.J. Walker. Maja is blessed to have found her path early, thanks to her late uncle Vallard Anderson, who exposed her to beauty via weaves and hair extensions. Vallard was ahead of his time installing weaves in her hometown of Panama City, Florida, and his work was admired long before the practice became mainstream.


At the tender age of twelve, Uncle Vallard took Maja under his wing and taught her everything he knew. Little did Maja know, she would later utilize these skills to earn money through college by doing hair in her dorm room. By the time Maja was a senior, she’d already worked at a salon for two years and realized that her love for hair wasn’t a hobby, it was a calling.


Armed with a formal education in business, Maja established the Walk-in Weaves and Pretty Hair brands with the motto “made for African American women by an African American woman”. Maja is as passionate about inner growth as she is about beauty, and has also launched Pretty Powerful University, to provide mentorship for young entrepreneurs throughout the country.


Maja and her team don’t believe that beauty is reserved for a chosen few; they’re dedicated to providing something for every pretty woman. The sky’s the limit for this Atlanta-based entrepreneur.