Growing Up Hip Hop

The next generation of hip hop royalty attempts to step outside the shadow of their famous families and make a name for themselves.

S6, E2

Don't Be Salty

Twist gets blunt in a sit-down with Pepa. But, will his views about Sam cross the line for this OG?

S6, E3

Her Backyard Is Not Clean

The tea on Tee Tee’s boo is piping hot. Can a shocking rumor stay under wraps?

S6, E4

Loyalty is Dead

Briana and Boogie's friendship reaches a tipping point when she calls him out in front of the group.

S6, E5

Every Woman for Themselves

Tee Tee and Shawn take their troubles to counseling. But, as they try to heal their relationship, will they find it’s all too late?

S6, E6

Nip It in the Bud

Angela breaks down when her rumored split with Daniel faces public scrutiny. Will she confront the gossip?

S6, E7

Light Everything Ablaze

Cree and her father Uncle Luke face off in an emotional sit-down. Can they patch things up when the pain runs deep?

S6, E8

The Elephant in the Room

Tee Tee and Shawn address rumors of infidelity and whispers of a canceled wedding. Can they put this all behind them?

S6, E9

Some Type of Swindle

Stevie J puts Savannah in the hot seat for her spending. He’ll soon find out how she’s keeping the cash flowing.

S6, E10

Coming In Hot

Boogie gives Briana some tough love about her drinking. Will she be receptive of his approach?

S6, E12

Don't Start the Fire

It’s the face-to-face sit-down you’ve been waiting for: Tee Tee vs. Egypt and Pepa. Can the family resolve their issues?

S6, E22

Twist & Shout

All hell breaks loose at a party when a beef erupts, and fists fly. Twist faces gun charges in court. Cree visits Angela’s new home in Atlanta and reveals a heartbreaking secret. Tee Tee and Shawn clash over wedding rings in their rush to the altar.

S6, E23


Pepa warns Sam to be cautious when he breaks the news that he may be facing some serious jail time. Tee Tee’s wedding planning rushes on, but will Pepa and Egypt make the guestlist? Uncle Luke advises Cree on squashing the beef with Sakoya.

S6, E24

On Demon Time

Stevie J. confronts Savannah about squashing the beef with Tiny’s daughter Sakoya. Tyran struggles to reunite Pepa and Tee Tee before the wedding. YDB steps onto the scene when JoJo gets the guys get together for some off-road action.

S6, E25

The Naked Hustle

A surprise bachelor and bachelorette party for Tee Tee and Shawn ends in disaster. Treach supports Egypt’s music career while Sam faces serious prison time. Eric and Layzie visit Eazy-E’s gravesite, but rumors around his death must be put to rest.

S6, E26


JoJo and Tanice find themselves in a marriage crisis when JoJo’s stood up on a group date. Tee Tee and Shawn’s wedding plans spiral out of control. Sam seeks guidance from Layzie. Danger strikes for Briana when police come knocking at her door...

S6, E27

Breaking Generational Curses

Briana’s arrest spirals into a traumatic breakdown. Egypt’s family crisis leads her to reach out to Tee Tee. Twist is under Young Money pressure when he returns to the stage for a big performance. JoJo and Tanice’s marriage struggle gets real.

S6, E28

I Can't Stand The Rain

Between Covid, financial issues, a rainstorm and Pep not being invited, Tee Tee and Shawn’s wedding falls apart. JoJo and Tanice are rocked by challenges of married life. Eric confronts Layzie Bone about his involvement in the Eazy-E Documentary.

S6, E29

Push It To the Altar

Tee Tee’s wedding day spirals into chaos, but a surprise from Pep shocks all. Meanwhile, Treach warns Sam that a dangerous future lies ahead and enforces protection over Egypt. Jojo plans something special for Tanice to keep the marriage lit.

S6, E30

Beef N Pepa

Tee Tee and Maureen confront Pep about Egypt. Briana's new fling shocks all and brings her face to face with Pep at a family party. JoJo fights to save his marriage with a big surprise for Tanice. Eric spills the tea on his past with Tee Tee.

S6, E31

Let's Elope Now

Angela plans for baby number two and visits a fertility doctor. Tee Tee and Egypt’s rivalry comes to an unexpected head. Egypt rushes to marry her fiancé Sam even though Sam faces serious jail time.

S6, E32

The Wright Way

Egypt and Sam rush to the little white chapel, but when they drop the bomb on Pep and Treach, Pep objects! Tanice and Sakoya’s feud comes to a head. Eazy-E’s celebration pushes the group to come together in peace and settle their differences.