Hip Hop Homicides

Why was New Orlean’s beloved “Queen of Bounce” ruthlessly murdered, shot 26 times at close range? Did Magnolia Shorty’s private life put her in danger?
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S1, E2

King Von

Chicago drill artist King Von is shot to death in a fight he started outside an Atlanta nightclub. The altercation is caught on surveillance cameras...But what was the nature of the beef that led to his death? And why did Von throw the first punch?

S1, E3

Magnolia Shorty

Was the murder of beloved New Orleans Rapper, Magnolia Shorty, whose voice was sampled on Drake’s 2018 smash hit “In My Feelings”, a crime of passion? Or a gang-related hit? Did the choices she made in her private life put her into the line of fire?

S1, E4


Rapper and French Montana protege, Chinx, was the victim of a drive-by shooting in Queens, NY in 2015. Was his murder the bloody end of a feud born in prison? And once he was back on the streets, was Chinx actually being “hunted” by his killer

S1, E5

Soulja Slim

Van delves into the unsolved mystery of the murder of New Orleans legend and “No Limit” rap star, Soulja Slim. Nearly two decades later, questions remain: was his murder the result of a life lived in the streets? Or was it something more sinister

S1, E6


Young rap star XXXtentacion’s life was cut tragically short when he was shot dead in the parking lot of a motorsports store near his home in Florida. Was this more than just a robbery gone wrong? And did XXXtentacion predict his own murder?

S1, E7


Was Dallas rapper Mo3’s murder a crime of passion? Or a crime done for clout?

S1, E8

FBG Duck

FBG Duck is gunned down on the streets of Chicago... Were his fans complicit in his murder?